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Google Chromecast: Most Asked Questions Answered

Your PC, cell phone, or tablet performs as the first launching site for entertainment as well as the controller for controlling what you hear or view on your TV screen.

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To utilize Chromecast, you should have a TV or screen with one open HDMI port at least, which you will find on pretty much any HD (High Definition) TV. The gadget has the greatest video resolution result of 1080p.

When it comes to compatibility, Chromecast is a CEC (Consumer Electronics Control). It additionally requires a great Wi-Fi network connection. By having an appropriate device with a viable operating system and Wi-Fi through a viable router, you’ll be able to enjoy all features of the Chromecast.

If you want to know and everything about Chromecast then you should continue reading because I’m going to reveal all aspects of this incredible device in this article.

What is Google Chromecast?

Chromecast is a device that can be connected to the HDMI port of your TV which utilizes your smartphone as a controller. Utilizing your cell phone or PC as a controller, you can utilize Chromecast to enjoy more video content from Hulu, YouTube, Netflix, the Google Play Store, and different services.

You can likewise utilize it to stream any sort of content from the Chrome browser on a PC or laptop. At that point, when you’re not streaming anything in Chromecast then it starts showing incredible desktop backgrounds, in its Ambient Mode. You may see a quality plunge and a brought-down frequency in new art.

How does Chromecast work?

Chromecast shows things to your TV screen from a remote gadget to some extent by utilizing the protocol named DIAL (Discovery and Launch). It permits a client’s gadget to find a DIAL server gadget running using a similar connection.

When it comes to the Chromecast, your PC, cell phone, or tablet is simply the client or user and the Chromecast is considered as the server.

While it may create the impression that you’re sending the videos from your gadget to the Chromecast, more often it’s accomplishing something very simple.

But your connected gadget is simply mentioning to your Chromecast what you need to play, and afterward, the Chromecast will stream that media, utilizing its own connection with the internet.

You can likewise utilize a Chromecast to reflect your PC, cell phone, tablet, or laptop’s screen on your TV. This requires a significantly more dynamic purpose, as your gadget can’t be unlocked or put to sleep without the feed going down.

How do I set up my Chromecast?

In case you have the imperative Wi-Fi connection, a viable gadget that is connected with that network, and the need to utilize any of the services that can stream through Chromecast, the next step is to get one and follow a couple of basic steps. You should know your Wi-Fi key or password to set up.

It might likewise require your Wi-Fi router’s configuration in specific situations, and there’s a possibility for your router to be unsuitable for the Chromecast.

Google’s customer support site has a Chromecast Router Compatibility section with a significant list of viable routers, which additionally incorporates the firmware version, possible solutions for specific issues, and contact details of the router manufacturers.

Notwithstanding connection problems, you just need to plug the USB cable into the Chromecast or its power source and connect the Chromecast with an HDMI port of your TV.

The HDMI connector on the Chromecast can likewise be connected to the HDMI extender, which can be associated with the TV, whether there is no space for the gadget in the HDMI port or if you are having Wi-Fi connection issues.

Useful power sources are either a USB port on a gadget like your TV or the power connector connected to a wall outlet.

When the gadget is associated and powered, change the TV’s mode to the selected HDMI port, and your TV will show a “set me up” screen that permits you to visit Google’s official site.

Then go to this site on the gadget you need to use to control the Chromecast. The setting screen likewise indicates the default name of the Chromecast.

From that point, you’ll download, install and use a Chromecast application in case you’re utilizing a tablet or cell phone (it will move you to the application store), or the Google Cast extension for your Chrome browser in case you are utilizing your PC or laptop. If you are utilizing a PC that doesn’t as of now have the Chrome browser, you should install that too.

Whenever it’s connected to Wi-Fi, the Chromecast will presumably do an auto-update to get the most recent software, which may take some time.

Whenever updated software is accessible, the gadget downloads and introduces it automatically even if you’re not performing a setup. After all these steps, your smartphone or PC will be set to stream to your TV through Chromecast. The last thing is opening an app and casting away.

Is there a monthly fee for using Chromecast?

No, not at all. You don’t have to pay any fee for using Chromecast.  Chromecast is only an access gadget, in the same way as other different access gadgets, and it gives no content itself. You get it as a one-time cost and that allows you to enter a world of content.

Let’s get into the logic. Google has no compelling reason to give an ongoing fee to it since it costs them so little to keep up the Chromecast.

They aren’t generally making big profits for the gadgets, it’s not tied in with selling the Chromecast for Google, it’s tied in with selling the related ecosystem and services.

What is Chromecast good for?

Google’s Chromecast has various applications prepared to upgrade your lifestyle and provides you with entertainment.

You can rely on these gadgets to provide you with admittance to Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, Disney+, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Figuring out how to set up your favored applications and services is fundamental if you need to benefit from them.

When you know the essentials, there are more features in your Chromecast that you can enjoy. Regardless of whether you need to put your PC screen on your TV or experience 3D VR, this gadget has you covered.

Also, Google frequently makes a special effort to thank its Chromecast clients with a lot of monthly freebies. The tech giants give deals for applications like Google Play or Hulu among others, a lot of which incorporate admittance to free movies, broadened streaming trials, and long periods of unlimited music. You just need to visit Google’s Chromecast offer page and look to the base to view a list of accessible offers, or if you like any, you can access them through the choice menu in Android or iOS.

Big fans of vertical joining would love that Google has united Android and Chromecast, permitting clients with most Android gadgets to “mirror” content from those gadgets to a big screen using Chromecast. The service is accessible on most Android gadgets.

To begin mirroring, basically associate your Android gadget to a similar Wi-Fi network as your Chromecast, open the application of Google Home, and select the navigation drawer in the upper left.  Click the Cast Screen button, choose your Chromecast, and you’re done with it. Anything that’s on your cell phone is currently accessible for view in the brilliant lights of your TV.

Have a slideshow to view on the big screen? If you use Google Slides, it will allow you to stream your presentations over Chromecast. To begin with, ensure that whatever gadget you are using is on a similar Wi-Fi network as your Chromecast. At that point, tap the Present icon in the upper-right corner of your slideshow to access a drop-down menu, and click Chromecast.

Do I need Chromecast If I have a Smart TV?

It’s not necessary but the decision is completely yours whether you want a Chromecast with a smart TV or not. Because with a smart TV, you can do plenty of things that you can likewise do with a Chromecast.

However, there are a couple of clear contrasts between these two. With a smart TV, you can use applications without the interference of different gadgets. You just need your remote to bring up what you need.

On the other hand, Chromecast is a connection between your TV and cell phone, PC, or tablet. You send the applications from your gadget to the TV through the Chromecast.

To make you guys more clear, smart TV is a TV that you can connect to your Wi-Fi network. All smart TVs have options where you can discover fun games and many different applications. You’ll have several different applications and all of them are unique.

However, you’ll have access to Netflix, YouTube, and an internet browser on each smart TV. The choice of accessible applications can likewise change after some time.

Each TV brand has its own sources. Samsung has a Smart Hub working at Tizen. LG utilizes Web-OS 2.0 or Web-OS 3.0. The TVs of Philips and Sony work with Android TV.

How do I know if my TV has Chromecast?

A few gadgets don’t have Chromecast and aren’t utilizing the Casting feature. For this reason, they can’t be connected to Google Home.

The different gadgets aren’t utilizing the Cast feature though the experience with these gadgets might be like casting: Smart TVs that aren’t Android TV gadgets, Apple TVs, Roku products, Sonos, and Amazon Fire TV products.

If you get an Android TV, at that point, it accompanies the built-in Chromecast standard, and you don’t need to pay for an extra Chromecast dongle or attach it to your TV set. You likewise access a host of additional Android TV services as well.

What channels do you get on Chromecast?

You can have access to more than 100 channels on Chromecast. The absolute most famous content sources on Chromecast for the UK are iPlayer, BBC, Netflix, Google Play, and YouTube.

Different channels for a US market incorporate Hulu Plus, Pandora, and HBO Go, the Washington Post’s PostTV, Red Bull.TV and a lot more.

What are the best paid Google Chromecast channels?

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video has a lot of unique content alongside a great many classic and well-known popular films. There are additionally various 4K titles to look over. In case, you’re an Amazon Prime member, at that point, you can already approach Amazon Prime Video.

The Amazon Prime membership costs 12.99$ monthly or 119$ yearly. Nonetheless, an Amazon Prime Video membership on its own costs 8.99$ every month. With Amazon Prime Video, you can stream on up to three screens at the same time, which makes it extraordinary for sharing.


Disney+ gives the Disney vault, which is loaded with everything from classic movies to Marvel and Star Wars superhits. Evaluated at 6.99$ every month. Disney+ lets you make up to seven client profiles and watch on four screens simultaneously.

Disney additionally offers its uncontrollably well-known Disney+ package, which likewise incorporates Hulu and ESPN+ memberships for 12.99$ every month.


Netflix is the most utilized and demanding streaming feature nowadays. What’s more, it’s nothing unexpected with its abundance of unique films and services.

Netflix has three intends to look over, Netflix Basic (8.99$ per month.), Netflix Standard (12.99$ per month.), and Netflix Premium (15.99$ per month.) Premium lets you stream on four screens and has a lot of titles accessible in 4K UHD and HDR.


Hulu offers a couple of packages to browse that are on-demand and live TV memberships. There are different packages like Hulu (5.99$ per month.), Hulu No Ads (11.99$ per month.), Hulu plus Live TV (54.99$ per month.), and Premium plus Live TV (60.99$ per month.).

Both Live TV packages give Hulu’s full on-demand index. Although you can just share on two screens, you can choose boundless screens for an extra cost of 9.99$ per month.

What are the best free Google Chromecast channels?


YouTube is the most utilized video online application without any doubt. It’s a buffet of beginner and expert content. You may need to endure a couple of advertisements.

However, YouTube offers a broad library of parody, critique, instructive, how-tos, news, and significantly more. The YouTube application isn’t only simple to explore but has one of the strongest interfaces of any application available.


Spotify provides both free and premium services, yet we’ll focus on the best worth. The free form of Spotify has the biggest music subscriber base. Without a doubt, you’ll need to endure a couple of advertisements sometimes, however, you’ll approach one of the biggest music libraries on earth.

Does Chromecast work on any TV?

Absolutely Yes! Chromecast works perfectly even with a non-smart TV as far as there’s an HDMI input port on the TV. They can be connected to any TV or screen through a standard HDMI port.

When configured, you can stream videos and audios remotely to a greater screen from your PC, cell phone, or even a Google Home gadget.

Google Chromecast connects to Wi-Fi and is completely operated by another gadget like a cell phone rather. Consequently, there’s also no specific TV interface.

You boot it, pair it, and you’ll be using it after a few seconds. A Chromecast fundamentally plays the role of a bridge between your TV and your tablet or cell phone. It uses power from a Micro-B USB input, the connector (adapter) for which Google packs in the box.

Will Chromecast turn on my TV?

Yes, a Chromecast can turn your TV on but for that, you need two things: a Chromecast and a CEC-supported TV. HDMI-CEC is upheld by current models of HD TVs. In any case, previous models may not come outfitted with this feature.

CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) can frequently be turned off by default. Basically, you can turn on CEC from your TV settings. The location of CEC settings differs relying upon the TV.

Fitting Chromecast into a wall outlet or other source of power so, your Chromecast stays on when you turn off the TV. If you connect Chromecast into the USB port on your TV, it can be turned off with your TV and won’t react to your voice orders.

Initially, to turn on the TV with Chromecast, you needed to instruct Google Home to stream something specific. For example, you could say, “OK, Google, play funny videos on “Chromecast Name”.

When the TV is on, you can utilize Google Home to use the Chromecast with your voice. Tell Google Home to play TV shows or films on Netflix, YouTube, or play music with Google Play Music.

Do I need Wi-Fi or internet for Chromecast?

Normally, a Chromecast connects straight to the internet by using a Wi-Fi connection. In case you don’t have an Internet connection, you can set up a nearby Wi-Fi network that will easily let you use Chromecast without internet access.

This is generally done to dodge the poor Wi-Fi connection of hotels or if you previously downloaded films or TV shows to your essential device like your cell phone and need to see your content on a big TV screen.

Chromecast can likewise work without the Internet when projecting from an Android 5.0 or later gadgets. iOS gadgets and Windows gadgets, for example, iPads and iPhones don’t work with Chromecast without the Internet. Also, the Internet is needed to set up another Chromecast and update the firmware on the gadget.

For Apple clients, there are two different methods to connect your Chromecast to the Internet if you don’t approach a standard Wi-Fi network. You can utilize a hotspot on your cell phone, or you can buy a travel router.

What can I watch on Chromecast for free?

You can enjoy a lot of videos and movies on Chromecast with its free video applications. With Chromecast free video applications, individuals will have the option to watch all their favorite videos of various types on a big screen as opposed to relying upon the little cell phone screens, particularly on Android cell phones which are utilized by nearly everybody.

Let’s find out the best Chromecast free video application.


Since Chromecast and YouTube are from Google, the YouTube application is firmly incorporated with a Chromecast gadget. YouTube provides fast streaming video recordings of numerous sorts, different languages, genres, and stunning buffering speed settles on YouTube a brilliant choice for watching videos for all iOS and Android clients.

Daily Motion

Daily Motion is the second-best free video application after YouTube. Daily Motion even provides an opportunity to watch your preferred videos in the interpreted language which you comprehend. There is the alternative of 4KHD videos, with a simple interface and snappy SEO limit.

PBS Videos

With PBS videos, you can watch live videos and shows. This application permits the same for watching free films on the internet. The best benefit remains that you can watch them at whatever point you need as you retrieve them after having them saved.

Snag Films

Snag Films is the latest platform in providing movies easily. With the utilization of Chromecast, you will have the option to get an upgraded TV experience. From award-winning movies to very classic yet exemplary films, snag films have everything. It has more than 5000 movies and over a hundred widely praised documentary movies.


The crackle application works at the top of a minute to make you watch the films you like. Any film can be flawlessly viewed on crackle without any issue. You can be another subscriber and still watch a film of your liking on this top-notch application without joining it (signing up). By adding an astounding list of films each year, they bring such an incredible assortment of movies for film buffs.

Tubi TV

Out of the entirety of the previously mentioned free film applications which can be seen on the big screen through Chromecast, this might be unique. It provides a list of 40,000 titles of films surprisingly of different sorts including humor, horror, emotional, or others that could be tapped on Tubi TV. The watching experience is amazing and is truly outstanding in the list of other free film applications. It is a free TV through applications and is viewed as a sort of film regarding watching videos through Chromecast.

Does Chromecast use data?

A Chromecast uses data in two different ways. The first one is when you are utilizing it to see videos from different services like YouTube or Netflix on your tablet or cell phone. The entire time you are viewing, your Chromecast will be streaming the content utilizing your Wi-Fi and this will utilize your data.

The second one is when Chromecast is idle. When a Chromecast is inactive and nothing is being watched on it, you may have seen that on your TV screen there is a pleasant background that changes every 30 seconds or so, and the weather might be shown as well.

The background wallpapers that you see on your TV screen are not privately saved inside your Chromecast, they are really downloaded from the Google servers. It’s essentially a picture streaming that never ends.

How much data does Chromecast use idle?

A single Chromecast can easily use up more than 15GB of data while idle for over a month. If you leave the Chromecast at its default settings, the picture stream could potentially take up an enormous amount of data.

The pictures downloaded are high-resolution files throughout a month, it can potentially consume more than 15GB of data, just by leaving your Chromecast on and staying there idle in your home.

The reason for the high amount of downloaded data is because of the high-resolution images it downloads throughout the time it is idle. When the Chromecast is in idle mode it means that your TV, and thereby also your Chromecast, is turned on but you are not streaming to it.

By default, the Chromecast will circle through images from Getty and other high-quality stock photo sites. These images, while they might be compressed, still can take several MB to download for every picture.

If we make just a quick calculation here, we can in very simple terms illustrate my point. Let’s say it circles a new image every 30 seconds. This is 2.880 images a day. Now let’s say that each compressed image takes up 2 MB to download we are already using 5.760 MB per day, which is almost 6 GB of data per day.

Now I don’t think you would ever let your Chromecast and TV set idle 24 hours a day for a whole month, but just a few hours a day really adds up over a month.

Another variable in this calculation might also be the resolution of your TV. If you have a 4K or even an 8K smart TV, it’ll provide significantly larger images than normal 1K/Full HD TVs.

If you have 2-3 Chromecasts set in your home on various TV’s you could see 30GB to 40GB or an even greater amount could be spent without watching anything at all on your Chromecast. Numerous clients who are cautiously saving data when streaming and utilizing their Chromecast might not even realize that this is going on.

This however might only be relevant to you, if you have a limit to your data or if you pay per GB/MB used.

Most internet providers, especially those I know of in the EU and UK only have limits on mobile plans and not broadband or fiber. But it’s still fun to think about, how much data is actually being downloaded for such a simple thing as displaying images on an idle TV.

What’s better Firestick or Chromecast?

Both the Amazon Fire and Chromecast with Google TV are brilliant streaming sticks. Yet, which of these you pick will rely profoundly upon what decisions you’ve made on who you need to get your content from.

It will likewise rely upon if you can endure having to sideload HBO Max and Peacock on the Amazon Fire as opposed to making them work out of the case or if you mind not having the option to use the Apple TV Plus service on the Chromecast by any means.

Firestick Vs Chromecast

The Fire TV Stick accompanies Alexa Voice Remote, so you can rapidly discover movies and TV shows utilizing your voice. You can order your Fire TV Stick to look for a specific entertainer, chief, or movie genre or even instruct “fast forward two minutes” (unfortunately that feature just works while enjoying Amazon Prime content). Set-up is basic and the UI is all-around planned, so soon you’ll be ready to go with the Fire TV.

The Chromecast adopts an alternate strategy. It’s comparatively simple to set up yet there’s no actual far off. All things being equal, you select a video, tune, or site page through your tablet or cell phone and watch the content on your TV.

Not exclusively would you be able to see practically any media application on your TV, yet you can likewise utilize your TV as a screen for your PC or laptop. The Fire TV Stick additionally supports streaming through your cell phone, however, it’s not as slick or generally embraced.

The Chromecast can be controlled utilizing your voice, as well, through Google Home gadgets. Much the same as the Fire TV Stick, you can change the volume or give orders, for example, “OK Google, play Friends on Netflix”.

The Chromecast is apparently the easiest and generally flexible of the two streamers, however, the costly Fire TV Stick offers some clever advanced features like ASAP (Amazon’s Advanced Streaming and Prediction).

Does Chromecast keep history?

Yes, Chromecast keeps your history saved and monitors gadgets you’ve recently cast to but this isn’t a privacy issue. You added the data yourself and they would have the reasonable expectation that you needed it to be protected or saved.

Chromecast tracks the things you need to broadcast to. You can simply unpair the gadgets in the settings if you don’t need them to be broadcasted or delete the history.

How does Google Chromecast connect to TV?

To start connecting the Chromecast to your TV, unpack your Chromecast, plug it in, and hang tight for it to power up. Now, plug the USB cable into the wall utilizing the included adaptor, or the USB port of your TV (as long as it gives enough force, some old TVs might not). You’ll know it’s prepared for setup when seeing the on-screen brief.

With the setup brief on your TV screen, it’s the ideal point for you to pick your tablet or cell phone and connect it with the Chromecast to finish this process. Relying upon which generation of Chromecast you have because the connecting process is a bit different.

What can I get on Chromecast?

There’s a lot of features you can get from your Chromecast rather than just streaming Spotify, Hulu, Netflix, HBO, and more from your PC and cell phone, to your TV. Let’s have a look!

Set Guest Mode

If you have guests at your home, regardless of whether you’re having a family get-together, or host a party, you can let them cast their preferred music or videos onto your TV, without giving them your Wi-Fi password.

For this, go to the Chromecast settings and on the Guest Mode. Then anybody with a Google Cast Ready application can project to a screen gave the option is accessible on their gadgets and within 25 feet of the Chromecast gadget.

Play Games

Download the games to your cell phone and effectively play them on your TV by utilizing the gadget as a remote while you run the game on your TV.

When you download, install, and open a Chromecast-viable game, find and tap the Cast logo to begin streaming it on your TV. In case, you have multiplayer games, you can utilize various cell phones as your gamepads.

Stream Live Feeds

If you have a Nest Security camera, you can utilize Google Home to view the live feed from your surveillance cameras by using your Chromecast. Simply add the gadget to the Google Home application and control it by utilizing your voice.

Make Queues

Chromecast permits you to enjoy the most of your content on YouTube by projecting the content on your TV and choosing the videos you like to watch. When you click on the first video, you can also click on the suggested videos that you need to watch the next. For that, select Add to Queue as opposed to tapping Play. To see your queue, simply click on Now Playing at the bottom of your screen.

How does Chromecast work with Netflix, Disney+, and YouTube?

There are some sources, like Netflix and YouTube, which are already streamlined for Chromecast. They have a Cast icon for every video that permits you to preferably cast the media to your TV rather than over the tab itself, which provides you with higher quality and fewer playback issues.

Videocast from a Chrome tab has the greatest resolution of 720p, while video streaming using the Cast button for a video housed on an upheld site can have 1080p.

For the most part, you can control streaming from your cell phone utilizing a scrub bar, a volume bar, and can pause, stop, and select options on these app’s screens. There might be different controls accessible, contingent on the application.

The volume for this situation is Chromecast’s volume, so you may need to utilize the TV to easily set the volume to your favored setting. In case you’re having an Android gadget, you can likewise control your streaming from the notification bar or the lock screen.

You can leave the control screen and peruse it by using the application, go to different applications, free your PC or device to go to sleep, and even shut it off, and your picked entertainment channel will continue playing on the TV through the Chromecast. The latter can’t work when projecting a Chrome tab, yet it accomplishes work with Netflix.

Is there any difference between Chromecast and Chromecast Ultra?

As far as channel choice and in general usefulness, the two gadgets are equally identical. However, there’s a built-in port for an Ethernet cable in Chromecast Ultra, yet additionally requires an outside power source, as opposed to a USB connection incorporated with your TV.

Chromecast Ultra

The Chromecast Ultra supports current 4K resolution and HDR (High Dynamic Range) content, which is the gadget’s strongest feature. Pair the gadget with an HDR/4K TV and it can give superb 4K content with striking tones, easy streaming, and completely clear pictures.

The gadget as of now accompanies the most recent Wi-Fi and Ethernet connector. So, you can get easy real-time utilizing either connection. The Ultra, similar to its predecessor, is versatile and small also. It fits easily on all entertainment setups.

The Ultra works well with mainstream gadgets like the iPhones, iPads, Chromebook Pixel, Android phones, tablets, and also laptops from Mac to Windows. Your preferred gadget for the Ultra, regardless of whether it’s your cell phone or PC, will serve as its controller.

The Chromecast Ultra can be utilized on standard HDTVs; in any case, it requires such TVs to oblige 4K resolution. It must have an HDMI port too to connect the gadget. Like the Chromecast, it requires a broadband web connection.

The Chromecast Ultra can also be beneficial for individuals who would like to play games on Google Stadia. Actually, you can save a bit of cash if you decide to splurge on the Stadia controller and Chromecast Ultra package.

Is Google Chromecast secure?

While Chromecast probably won’t have many security concerns, it never harms to take some precautions. I personally recommend utilizing a safe network with your Chromecast gadget or you can likewise utilize a VPN.

While it’s a general security practice, as a rule, utilizing a safe network will likewise help keep others away from your Wi-Fi network without your consent and casting content to your TV. Always be extra cautious when you go online utilizing a network you don’t know about.

With a VPN, you can go the additional mile and ensure the security of your router traffic to make your Chromecast secure and significantly more. Fundamentally, all your Wi-Fi traffic will be scrambled, so no one will have the option to sneak on it and hack any useful data like details about what you’re viewing or your location.

Does Chromecast turn off when TV is off?

Yes, it does. Your Chromecast will be turned off whenever you turn off your TV.

But some people are complaining about its non-stop casting, they might face some issues. So, for those individuals, there’s a solution. Just open your Google Home application on your cell phone, as it’s like the controller of every Chromecast device in your home. Select the Chromecast gadget that you want to stop, then tap on the “Stop casting” option at the bottom of the device screen.

How do I make my Chromecast private?

While you can’t protect your Chromecast by using a password, you need to protect your router with a strong key instead. You can utilize that to make your own private network of the shared network. At that point, set your gadgets and Chromecast to your own private network and they won’t have the option to do anything with your Chromecast.

How do I stop accidentally casting on my TV?

Get all applications out and go to Settings then click Google and tap on “Cast media controls” and disable the “Media controls for Cast devices”. Doing this doesn’t dispose of the casting button, however, it guarantees that it doesn’t accidentally cast to TV or nearby gadgets, rather will have a pop-up option as to whether one needs to cast.

Downloading the “YouTube advanced” application fixes the issue. This application has a built-in advertisement blocker and way more customization, such as having the option to disable the “Cast” option.

Go to Settings then click Google and tap on Google Cast. There is just a single choice here: “Show remote control notifications”. Turn that off and the irritating Cast notifications will also get disappear.

A few people fixed this thing by using a second router and by associating cell phone or tablet to this network, a different network in comparison to the one on which Chromecast is on.

How can I cast Netflix to my TV without Chromecast?

Yes, you can cast Netflix without Chromecast and enjoy its amazing content on your TV. Numerous modern smart TVs have upheld the Chromecast-like built-in DIAL protocol. You can cast so many videos to your TV from Netflix and YouTube on your PC or cell phone without getting a Chromecast.

Fundamentally, this protocol permits Netflix and YouTube cell phone applications and sites to communicate with YouTube and Netflix applications on your smart TV. You would then be able to discover more videos on your cell phone or PC and begin playing them on your TV.

Your TV needs the related applications installed so in case you need to cast Netflix, your TV should have Netflix applications installed just as system-level DIAL upholds for advertising those applications.

DIAL shouldn’t be a concealed alternative in your smart TV’s menus. If it’s accessible on your gadget, it should simply be empowered by default. Expecting your advanced smart TV has a built-in Netflix application, there’s a possibility the working system is DIAL-empowered.

Can you use your Chromecast in the hotel?

Utilizing a hotel’s given TV services might be an awful experience regarding your taste, however, Chromecast with a convenient Wi-Fi access point allows you to dump hotel TV for something really good.

To utilize your Chromecast with a hotel TV, you need to plug the gadget into one of the TV’s accessible HDMI inputs. This might be difficult or impossible because TVs in hotels are either fixed to a dresser or into a wall.

In any case, when you have Chromecast connected, turn on your portable router and associate the Chromecast and your cell phone or PC with the remote network. When the Chromecast and casting gadget sets, you are presently ready to stream anything to the hotel’s TV precisely as you would with your home TV.

How do I reboot or reset Chromecast?

It’s significant to note that resetting and rebooting have two different results. Rebooting shuts down harmlessly and restarts the Chromecast while resetting wipes all your data and makes the Chromecast as though you just removed it from the scene.

The reboot or reset measure is similar to whether you’re utilizing Android or iOS. However, normally, the menus look somewhat changed. I’m utilizing an Android gadget, for instance, however, you can still have the option to follow these steps effectively with your iPad or iPhone also.

Firstly, you should ensure your Chromecast is on and associated with the network. If it’s controlled by an AC adaptor fixed to the wall, you shouldn’t need to have the TV turned on (however it’s likely still a smart thought so you’ll know it’s responding properly). If you have it controlled through a USB port on your TV, in any case, the set will probably be ON before the Chromecast will power up.

When your TV is ON, open the Google Home application on your tablet or cell phone and click on the “Devices” button in the upper right corner. If you have different Google Cast gadgets, simply look until you discover the Chromecast you need to reset or reboot. Click on the three-dot menu in the upper right corner of the Chromecast card, it should show a similar picture that is presently on your TV, known as a “setting.”

To reboot the Chromecast, simply click on the “Reboot”. To reset the Chromecast, Go to the “Settings” option. At that point, tap the three-dot menu in the upper right corner and pick “Factory reset.”

Regardless of which one you pick you’ll get a popup confirming that you need to execute that order. When you’re certain then you just need to do a simple tap “OK.” The gadget will do its thing, if you decided to reboot it, it’ll be active again in only a couple of minutes.

In case you’re doing a reset, it’ll take some time to totally reset the gadget. At that point, it will reboot and you can either unplug it or feel free to set it up once more.

Is Google Chromecast worth buying?

Absolutely! It’s worth buying considering its amazing features. The Chromecast has one pitch: stream online content to any TV whether or not it’s keen or not as long as it has an HDMI port.

This is the most incredible thing that this little gadget does. It’s so compact and lightweight that you can also put it in your pocket and take it with you let’s say to some hotel or when visiting a friend’s home.

The Chromecast connects with your TV’s HDMI port and afterward interfaces with your Wi-Fi network. However, as long as your tablet, cell phone, or PC are associated with a similar Wi-Fi network as your Chromecast, the magic happens.

If you have already a Smart TV, the possibilities are that you probably won’t require the Chromecast.  Because, supposing that the Smart TV has video real-time Apps already, for example, Netflix. At that point, you can basically utilize the TV’s local applications to play content utilizing its remote for playback control.

But if you want to enjoy more features like guest mode, watch the live feed from security cameras, play games, watch a slideshow, see beautiful background wallpapers, and much more then you should buy Chromecast.

Chromecast FAQ

Does Chromecast use Bluetooth?

Chromecast does not use Bluetooth. Chromecast only connects via WiFi and preferably your own home WiFi. So you will not be able to control your Chromecast with Bluetooth from your phone or stream any content via Bluetooth from your phone.

Can I use my phone while using Chromecast?

Yes, you can freely use your phone while using the Chromecast to stream anything from Netflix to Youtube and Spotify. Your phone just works as a controller, the actual streaming part is done directly on the Chromecast so your phone is actually not being used for streaming.

Does Chromecast need to be plugged into the wall?

Chromecast doe not need to be plugged into the wall. Chromecast has two outputs; an HDMI and a USB. The HDMI is used to display what you are streaming onto your TV and the USB is used to power the Chromecast. I just plugged my USB into the TV as well.

Does Chromecast have built-in Apps?

Yes, Chromecast does come with built-in apps like Netflix, Spotify, Youtube, Disney+, etc. However, you’ll still need another device on your network to control it and choose what you wanna stream.

Does Chromecast come with a remote?

Chromecast does not come with a standard remote as you are used to. You can get a relatively cheap remote for Chromecast on Amazon or similar. But you actually don’t need one. With Chromecast, your Phone or Tablet actually works as the remote by “casting” what you wanna watch to the Chromecast.

How do I control my Google Chromecast?

You simply cast what you wanna see from your smartphone, tablet, or PC. Your device has to be on the same WiFi as your Chromecast. You’ll be able to see a “Cast” icon in the top right corner of your device when Chromecast is available for casting.

Is Netflix free on Chromecast?

Netflix is not free on Chromecast, you’ll need a standard subscription as you normally would. You do not need a new subscription to watch on Chromecast, you can use your existing one if you have it.

Do I need Chromecast If I have a Smart TV?

You do not need a Chromecast if you have a smart TV, but in my experience Chromecast delivers the fastest, smoothest, and overall best experience when it comes to casting and streaming from apps like Spotify, Netflix, Youtube, etc.

Is Google TV the same as Chromecast?

Google TV is essentially the same as Chromecast. But with Google TV you also have an interface to go with it. You can actually choose what to watch or listen to directly on the TV rather than browsing on your phone or tablet.

Google TV also works as a Chromecast if you’d rather browse from your phone or tablet.

Can Chromecast see what I’m watching?

Yes, the Chromecast is streaming what you are watching but Google’s Privacy is extremely strict about Chromecast. They do not sell or use data from Chromecast in any way. All data is protected and encrypted through your account.


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