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Robot Vacuums Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home

First of all, what is Google Home Assistant or Google Nest and Amazon Alexa?

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Both systems are virtual assistants and currently exist in speakers, phones, smartwatches, TVs, and more.

A virtual assistant will connect with accessories or house appliances to interconnect all the different sources.

This is also called IoT or the Internet Of Things.

Almost everything nowadays can connect to the internet, and your virtual assistant uses this to receive data and send commands to the connected sources.

For example with a Google Assistant-enabled TV, you can turn up the volume, change the channel, turn off the TV, etc. The same goes for Amazon Alexa.

With Alexa you can even buy stuff directly from Amazon and have it delivered, just by saying “Hey Alexa, please order the new Roomba 900 Robot Vacuum and send it to my address”, it’ll then order the Robot Vacuum and automatically get it shipped to your front door.

So no doubt connecting all your stuff, including your Robot Vacuum can be a huge advantage.

Commanding your Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Connecting your Robot Vacuum to Alexa and Google Home, what things can you do? – In the below example you can just replace “Google” with “Alexa” and it should work the same.

  • “Hey Google, start cleaning”, this will just make it start its normal cleaning routine on command.
  • “Hey Google, dock the Roomba/Neato/Custom Name”, this will dock it to the charging station and stop the cleaning.
  • “Hey Google, stop vacuuming”, this will stop the cleaning but the robot will remain it’s position and not return to dock/home.
  • “Hey Google, clean the kitchen/another room name” if you have a newer model of either Roborock, iRobot or Neato you can separate rooms in the map that it creates on the first cleaning process. These rooms will be saved to its memory and therefore can be accessed through virtual assistants.
  • “Hey Google, start cleaning tomorrow at 9 AM”, I’m not sure how specific iRobot can get, but my own Neato can get pretty specific. When I tell it to clean tomorrow at any specific time, it’ll overwrite its default schedule.
  • “Hey Google, start cleaning when I leave the house”, if you have IFTTT you can set up custom commands based on other factors like GPS, Bluetooth, Wifi, Phone Calls, SMS and so much more. If you have the courage and will power to learn IFTTT, API’s and how to connect different apps and devices the possibilities will be endless. One example is, my Phillips Hue Lights will turn off when I leave the house and my Neato D4 will only clean on its default schedule if I and my girlfriend aren’t home.

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