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What Is Tesvor Robot Vacuum?

No mess left after using the Tesvor robot vacuum!

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Tesvor designs and develops amazing smart robot vacuums that assist individuals with creating a smart and clean environment. They are focused on building a big robot brand in the market and own many benefits in innovation like quality confirmation, and cost-effectiveness in the business.

Tesvor has a great R&D team with an excess of 100 designers and has created different advanced navigation technologies. By incorporating the whole business chain, Tesvor gives cost-effective and quality products with industry-driving technology for its clients.

About Tesvor Robot Vacuums

Tesvor is a smart robot vacuum cleaner with many smart features like connectivity of Alexa, smart mapping system, self-charging vacuum cleaner, APP controls, hard floors cleaner, and thin carpets can use these smart features to schedule, clean, customize, choose different cleaning modes, watch cleaning sessions, and much more. It’s compatible with both Apple and Android.

Tesvor Robot Vacuum App

Control your Tesvor Robot Vacuum by utilizing Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa voice orders to begin or stop working and going back to the charging station.

You can likewise utilize the Tesvor Smart App to schedule and monitor cleaning progress. Modify the objective cleaning schedule, monitor the cleaning progress of your house, and get notifications on your cell phone anytime.

Tesvor Robot Vacuum Review

If you are transforming your home into a smart home then you can control a portion of your electrical devices by voice order and the Tesvor will fit right in as it can be associated with Google Home or Alexa.

Most of the clients are making the most out of their amazing experience of using Tesvor Robot Vacuum. They’re extremely happy with the cleaning capacity at the cost paid.

Individuals demonstrated that it’s quiet while running background. Smart cleaning appears to function admirably for most clients and having the option to connect to Alexa or Google Home is a special benefit.

However, a few clients have some issues, it can have issues getting back to the charging dock and you may need to attempt several distinct spots if this is an issue for you too.

Features of Tesvor Robot Vacuum

With its smart navigation system, the living space is explicitly cleaned. The robot vacuum and mop distinguish surfaces that have just been cleaned and just travel on those surfaces that actually should be cleaned. This makes the Tesvor robot quick and productive.


The robot vacuum cleaner with a mop is outfitted with a lot of sensors to guarantee safe activity. The Trevor is outfitted with fall and deterrent sensors.

This permits impediments to be identified and dodged at the beginning phase without hitting them. In the case of steps or stairs, the robot responds early and alters its way of motion.


Based on smart and inventive navigation, the robot vacuum and mop make a space map continuously.

The Tesvor utilizes it to design its cleaning path and adjust itself skilfully according to your home. The application can be utilized to monitor the cleaning activity.


The side brushes jut far beyond the edge of the system and clear the dust out of corners and edges. An exceptional edge cleaning capacity can be initiated through the controller just by using the application.


In addition to the dirt holder, a water tank is likewise remembered for the extent of conveyance.

The water tank is loaded up with microfiber fabric and freshwater is mounted.

This makes it simple to clean dust and dirt particles from hard floors. After cleaning, the microfiber fabric can be taken out, cleaned out, and reused.

Suction Power

To utilize the suction power, the dirt container is mounted inside the system. The dirt that has been sucked & will be collected in the container.

To use the wiping feature, the container can be traded for a water tank and a microfiber material in only a few basic steps.


As long as 100 minutes run time: super high battery timing gives 100 minutes of steady cleaning, ideal for multi-room, hard floor, low-pile cover (note: not reasonable for dull or long cover).

Water Tank

Electronically controlled water tank, use App to change the water pressure of the water tank, receive diverse wiping plans as indicated by various conditions, and secure the ground under the reason of guaranteeing the cleaning impact.


The Tesvor robot vacuum mop can be controlled and modified from any place using its application designed for both iOS and Android.

The application offers a wide scope of capabilities and options. The cleaning cycles can be checked, a timetable can be set or the determination of the proper cleaning modes can be managed.

Tesvor S6 Robot Vacuum

The Tesvor S6 is a seriously competitive robot vacuum cleaner that collects dust, dirt, and hair effortlessly, a robot collaborator to help with everyday chores.

While it’s probably not going to totally change your conventional cleaning setup, it could spare you some exertion especially in this year 2020, whenever COVID-19 lockdowns mean there’s a genuine possibility you will invest more time inside than ever before.

At a cost tag of around 300$, the S6 is one of the latest vacuums that does not have more brand recognition as compared to its opponents like Roomba.

However, it offers premium functionalities & features like room-mapping, application control, laser navigation, and much more.

In testing, it cleared up dirt, hairs, dust, polystyrene, and little pieces of food with no object.

It was likewise ready to clean under kitchen table seats and over the legs of your PC desk. If that it ever got stuck, like a rule it utilizes its sensors to discover a way to escape.

The general performance demonstrated strong on both the kitchen vinyl flooring or carpets, as long as expectations are under consideration.

Because at full force, the S6 will clean around one hour and 30 minutes complete cleaning time, yet taking the almost double time that to get charged again.

Tesvor X500 Robot Vacuum

It’s incredible to see new forms of robot vacuums going onto the market. The Tesvor Robot Vacuum X500 consolidates a lot of features just accessible on more costly products while keeping the cost moderate.

The Tesvor X500 is round when it comes to its design. It has a breadth of 13 inches and a length of 2.9 inches which is overall quite thin to get under your furniture and slimmer than a Roomba.

It can have a significant effect that you don’t need to move your furniture to clean the floor.

It’s dark in color with a button on the top to start. However, you will presumably utilize the controller that accompanies the robot vacuum for starting from a distance or the application.

The Tesvor X500 will clean carpets and hard floors. It can’t clean thick carpets more than 0.6 inches down.

There is a max cleaning mode and a smart mode where you can select the fan, the maximum mode arrives at 1500 PA suction level.

This permits you to choose a stronger level of suction in case you’re cleaning over rugs or explicitly dirtier territories. There are edge cleaning and single room mode as well.

Tesvor T8 Robot Vacuum

The Tesvor T8 is considered as an optimized version of X500 with an improved feature of navigation (however not that great) and wipe feature.

T8 depends on features of X500 and additionally has visual mapping navigation and synchronous visual localization.

This robot vacuum cleaner has numerous options for sensors, joined with fast cleaning, assurance of furniture, and visual mapping navigation, regardless of how confounded the house environment is.

T8 has a super ultra-design, just 8.1 cm so, it permits the robot vacuum to clean difficult-to-reach territories.

Tesvor T8 scans the area with a smart camera and makes an encompassing view of the general environment.

The robot vacuum finds the current situation continuously and clears the following cleaning route to dodge duplications or skipping any part.

T8 catches visual street signs, makes an exact guide, and gives the entire house a scheduled cleaning. Four free chips, composed with one another, objectively direct the cleaning way through the VSLAM calculation, thus accomplishing proficient cleaning.

T8 Automatically produces a cleaning map, making a cleaning cycle more insightful. It recalls the path and doesn’t continue cleaning if the ground surface is clean.

However, keeps clearing on the rest of the territories. Other than this, T8 has a 350 ml enormous water tank.

One filling of the tank is sufficient for the robot to wipe the entire house. T8 mimics individuals’ hand mop by giving water volume and speed regulation.

Tesvor M1 Robot Vacuum

The packaging of the Tesvor M1 is very impressive. The supplied parts, the substitution brushes, and the robot itself has a significant impression.

Just the charging station of the robot is less attractive. Although, thinking about the value, this is very reasonable.

The Tesvor M1 has an aggregate of 4 suction levels. The “Clearing” program permits the robot vacuum cleaner to smartly clean through the home, in this manner attempting to clean the whole zone of ​​the premises. If the surface is totally cleaned, it returns consequently to its charging station.

The M1 robot vacuum cleaner can obviously additionally be utilized with a Switching plan Taxes. This can be set utilizing the controller or the application.

It becomes tricky because the suction power is set in advance. If the robot vacuum begins moving, it cleans the entire home.

Furthermore, the Tesvor M1 has one Fall protection feature, which ought to ensure against steps. This worked dependably in the test and made the robot turn over before the danger point.

The application can likewise be utilized in a go battery Level or the Charge level review. Likewise, the suction power or another program can be chosen distantly.

The Tesvor M1 can likewise score with the different profiles and fan modes. The application association works reliably and the client can easily handle the M1 vacuum robot.

Tesvor X500 Pro Robot Vacuum

Outfitted with modern sensors and capabilities, the Tesvor X500 Pro experts the everyday suction and cleaning work completely and freely. Can clean both hard floors and carpets.

The Tesvor X500 Pro can be managed manually or by the application. Likewise, voice orders can be controlled by using Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

The spinners navigate and the 3-stage cleaning style guarantees a careful and complete cleaning. Because of its precise activity, the robot vacuum and mop work effectively and spares time.

The incredibly powered battery empowers a mileage of up to 100 minutes and can deal with a maximum of 150 m2.

Tesvor Vs Roomba

These two robots are secured enough so, you won’t damage them if you unintentionally hit them. Both solutions are totally safe for furniture, pets, and kids.

These robots can identify an edge so, they won’t fall from it. These two models can undoubtedly go under different household furniture and clean those difficult-to-reach places.

The battery life is a significant distinction between these two models. Tesvor can clean for about 100 minutes and the charging time is 4 hours approximately, while Roomba can clean for an hour just, yet the charging time is 3 to 4 hours in particular.

The two models have different innovations that clean air so, you won’t have dust around your home.

The two cleaners have different cleaning modes. However, Tesvor doesn’t have a “concentrated” mode.

It additionally doesn’t have a virtual wall feature, while Roomba has it. But both of them uphold the time scheduling feature.

Conclusion – Is Tesvor Robot Vacuums Worth A Buy?

All facts showed that the Tesvor robot vacuum cleaner is an incredible device & worth the cash. It has enough functionalities and features to make it worth considering in case you’re searching for a budget robot vacuum with certain features that are just accessible on things at a greater price.


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