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10 Useful Tips When Owning A Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Robot cleaners have been top-of-the-line automatic cleaners used regularly in almost all households.

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Whether your home is drowning with pet hair, or you are just looking for a helping hand to do your cleaning chores accurately, there is nothing out there that can even come close to the performance of a robot vacuum cleaner. 

Most modern-day robot vacuum cleaners will keep the floor of your home dust-free, clean, and spotless without you having to do a single thing. But there is more to it than it meets the eye.

When we think of robots in general, we think of them as a system that does everything on its own.

Although that is the case in theory, in practical life even a fully automatic system like this needs a fair amount of human interaction to make sure you unlock its full potential.

So here are our top 10 tips you should follow to get you through the day for a hassle-free experience with your robot vacuum cleaner.

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Take it for a practice run

First, when you get your newly bought cleaner out of the packaging and you’ve let it roam free, and then expect a spotless floor at the end of the day, that will not be the case in practice.

Every room is planned and furnished uniquely. And it is expected to take a bit of time for both you and the unit you just bought to get to know about all the obstacles on its path.

So take some time off of your day and spend it with your new companion for a few test runs.

By doing this you can have an idea about what you need to configure and change or move a bit so that the robot can complete a run without tripping over or getting stuck.

And on the bright side, this also helps complete all the small changes in your house that you always wanted but could not make the time for.

Clearing out the bin

One of the most important things many people usually forget about a robot vacuum cleaner is its relatively small bin size. So for a unit to run and clean efficiently, make sure to clear out the bin regularly.

In addition to completely emptying the bin, also makes sure to clean the dust hairs and other debris off the brushes and filters.

A robot cleaner with a full bin will do more harm to you than good.

When the bin gets full, they are likely to drag all the collected dust around your home and make the place even dirtier.

So make sure to set a schedule for yourself to empty the dustbin. Some robot vacuums also can alert you when the dust bin is full.

Schedule cleaning

Speaking of setting a schedule for yourself, you should also use the schedule feature that comes with any modern-day robot vacuum.

With these features, you can simply select the day you want the cleaner to run and at what time also. 

This will help you to select a time when you will be outside for work or anything else.

So the robot can work freely and you don’t have to feel disturbed by the cleaning process and the noise. And you can come back home with spotless floors.

Turning the lights on

The robot vacuum works with the help of various sensors for guidance and data input.

From preventing the unit from bumping into obstacles to proper navigation, all of them are done by reading various inputs from sensors and using integrated programming.

And one of the most fundamental sensors on any modern-day high-end robot vacuum cleaner is the optical sensor.

This sensor tracks all the obstacles on the robot’s running path and tracks the wheel rotation to figure out how long it has traveled.

The downside of this revolutionary sensor is that it requires sufficient light to work perfectly.

If there is not enough coming to the input, the robot will not be able to navigate properly. So it is always advised to keep the light on when you schedule your robot to do its duty. 

Clearing out laces, cords, and curtains

Another very common issue that many users face is the robot vacuum getting stuck on various loose cords or curtains.

And in the worst cases, the robot may take the chord with its path which can cause serious damage.

So you should make sure that no cable and chargers are lying on the floor when it is time for your robot to clean. Doing this also creates a good habit of wire management. 

And as for curtains, they should be tied up before the robot starts cleaning if they are long.

If they are not tied up, your unit is prone to get stuck while it is working on the side and corner of the walls.

Pro tip: You should follow the same rule when it comes to other small objects like toys, rubber bands, socks, etc. 

Building a virtual barrier

The robot vacuum cleaner can navigate through your home effortlessly with only a little management.

However, there still are certain spaces you do not want your robot to enter like the bathroom or maybe a storeroom where you keep your sensitive equipment.

Most of the high-end cleaners come with their companion app.

Using this app you can map out the areas where the robot has access and where the robot does not.

These one-time directions from the app will save you a lot of unnecessary hassle.

However, if your model does not come with this feature, you should consider some sort of physical barrier using a cardboard box or baby gates to prevent access.

Picking the right charging doc position

All modern-day robot vacuum cleaners can go back to their charging dock once low or after finishing the task on their own.

But making sure that you pick the right spot for the placement of the dock is important.

Firstly, the dock should be placed in a place where the robot can easily reach without requiring any assistance from the user. Preferably somewhere in the wall.

If it is not possible to place the dock on the wall, then opt for the ground.

But the key point to remember when placing it on the ground is to make sure that there are no walls or furniture within half a meter of the dock.

So when low, your robot can come back to the charging dock without having to navigate through tough obstructions.

Do not forget to monitor the pets 

Other than the excellent capability of the robot vacuum to keep your place neat and clean, there is something else you can be certain of.

And that is your pet’s eagerness to interact with the robot.

Some pets love to play with it, and some feel vulnerable and attack it. But either way, they are harmful to the robot.

So if you are someone who has a pet in their house, leaving the robot scheduled to work when you are not home is a very bad idea.

Always make sure to monitor your beloved pets when the unit is working so they do not cause any harm and stop the robot in its track.

Removing rugs

Rugs and thick carpets are robot vacuum cleaners’ worst enemies. The same goes for the other way around.

No matter how sophisticated the model is, the rug will always be in the way of your robot.

And if somehow the unit manages to get out of this sticky situation, your precious rugs are sure to be messed up by the brushes on the cleaner.

So if you have a thick rug in the living room, you are better off without it. Or else the cleaner will pull all the strands from the rug instead of dirt and be out of commission until you manually clean it up.

Move chairs

One of the messiest places in any household is the bottom of the table.

So you want your robot vacuum cleaner to reach under the table and clean all the food crumbs.

But usually, with all the chairs around the table, it is very hard for the robot to navigate around the gaps. 

So when cleaning, make sure to move the chairs so the unit can reach under the table and clean all the crumbs.

To conclude

Opting for robot vacuum cleaners is a great choice if you want a clean and organized home.

With a single click, you can get the entire floor cleaned. This alone makes them a great addition to your home.

So now instead of spending countless hours every month doing the chores, you can finally do what you love.

And by following these 10 simple and useful tips, you can unlock your robot vacuum cleaners’ fullest potential.


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