39 Clever And Funny Names For Your Robot Vacuum

39 Clever And Funny Names For Your Robot Vacuum

You’ve bought the robot vacuum, started the installation process and it now ask you what to call the robot. Now it’s almost quite difficult to come up with something brilliant in a matter of seconds and all you want to do is to make it start cleaning.

Down below I’ve made a list of some funny, clever or interesting names for your robot vacuum. Use them or not, it’s always good with some inspiration.

I call my Neato D4 Mr Robot. I love the series and in that way, it’s a nice reference.

I’ll try to contribute even further to the list in the future.

List of name suggestions for your robot vacuum:

  1. Cpt. Kirk (Star Trek – Because they boldly go where no one has gone before)
  2. Dusty
  3. Not a Toaster
  4. Robocop
  5. Undercover Roomba (If you have any other brand than a Roomba)
  6. Cookie monster
  7. Mr Robot (From the series Mr Robot)
  8. Butter (Robot from Rick and Morty, who is sad because its only purpose in “life” is to passing butter)
  9. Roomie
  10. Shit Spreader (If you get unlucky with a couple of brownies from your pet)
  11. R2D2 (Skywalkers robot in Star Wars)
  12. Alfred (Your butlers name for your Batcave)
  13. Sucky
  14. Dustin
  15. Consuela (Cleaning lady from Family Guy)
  16. Wall-e
  17. Will Smiff
  18. Minesweeper
  19. Gonk droid
  20. Kraken (Yell “Release the Kraken!” next time you want it to clean)
  21. Snuffy
  22. Kylo Roomba (Star Wars reference)
  23. Sir sweeps a-lot
  24. Cat Car
  25. Roblox (Like the game)
  26. Jarvis (Ironman reference)
  27. Floorida
  28. Murderbot
  29. Mr Roombastic
  30. Robot Downey Jr. (Ironman reference)
  31. Snoop Boop
  32. Daredevil (Marvel superhero reference)
  33. Willy Roomba
  34. Bumper Thumper
  35. Bouncy Bot
  36. Hairy / Harry (Because hair always get stuck to it)
  37. Marilyn Monrobot
  38. Roombug
  39. Pac Man

Using the robot vacuum name for google assistant and alexa

Now, you’ve might already have chosen what to name your robot vacuum. Maybe Murderbot? No matter what great name you’ve chosen, a question still arises. Can you actually use the custom naming of your robot vacuum for anything?

Will I be able to call out my robot vacuum from Google Home, Nest or Alexa?

The answer is yes, if your robot vacuum is Google Assistant and Alexa compatible, which it should tell you on the packaging or in the manual, you’ll be able to command your robot vacuum using your custom name.

Are there any names I cannot name my robot vacuum?

No, not really. The possibilities are quite endless. I have not yet come across a limit to how long, how dirty or how complicated you can name your robot vacuum.

But a thing to bear in mind is, the more complicated you make the name for your robot vacuum, the harder it’ll be for Google Assistant or Alexa to get it correct.

I wouldn’t for example name my robot vacuum “Mr.Frank4A5>671.098”.

I have also experienced some other quite odd bugs/failures with funny and complicated robot names. I tried to name my robot vacuum “42” – which is the meaning to life and everything, according to the movie “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the galaxy”.

The problem with the name “42” was that it would sometimes start my robot vacuum, when I asked, “What are the meaning to life and everything” or if I made a statement of something including 42.

The same thing happened when I named my robot vacuum “order 66”, which is a reference to Star Wars “Execute order 66”. So when I told my Google Home to “Execute order 66” it would actually sometimes start my robot vacuum, but more often than not just tell me about the reference quoted from Wikipedia.

It’s really fun to play around with and the outcome is sometimes hilarious. But if the robot name is something you are going to use multiple times a week, I would suggest naming it something a little more simple for it to understand.

Time to round things up

I will recommend you to play around with the naming of your robot vacuum, you can really get some laughs out of it. But when you’ve done playing around, choose something very familiar and simple so it’ll be an easy task for Google Assistant and Alexa to execute the commands you give it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the reading and maybe even found some inspiration.

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