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Can A Robot Vacuum Clean Multiple Floors?

Yes, you can easily move the robot vacuum to a different floor and start it to clean. But you may want to ensure that your robot vacuum has a floor planning feature.

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For example, a Roomba I7 can store up to 10 different floor plans, and a Neato D4 or D7 handles this automatically.

But some of the cheaper models will not come with this feature, so the robot vacuum will handle the floor as a new room.

When you take your Neato to a new floor, for example, you’ll want to make a new floor plan.

It’ll then begin the process of learning the room as it did the first time you turned it on.

Usually, it’ll start by driving around the walls of the room to make a complete map of the edges, while a Roomba will just map it with the sensors and drive around randomly.

It might sound ineffective that a Roomba will drive around randomly, but it’s actually quite effective, especially with its dirt detector.

It’ll detect the worst dirt spots with its sensors and machine learning and try to focus on these spots.

This makes the Roomba really effective on a day-to-day basis, where a Neato just cleans the whole room either until it’s finished or until it’s out of power.

No robot vacuum cleaner can, unfortunately, go upstairs or downstairs, so if you don’t want to move it you’ll need multiple robot vacuums.

The way that I use a robot vacuum cleaner is that I’ve placed it in the room which is most dirty, which is my kitchen-dining area, and I then clean the upstairs manually or move it upstairs for a couple of days every two to three weeks or so.

This works great for me because a robot vacuum is more of a time saver and a lazy choice for me.

But I can see the issue when using robot vacuums for several floors in elderly homes or likewise.

I think you need multiple vacuums in this case. For the rooms which are not getting used every day, you’ll honestly not need an expensive robot vacuum.

Getting an iRobot Roomba in the 600 series will be plenty.

One of the better things about iRobot is their large container, even on the cheaper models, so if you use an iRobot in the 600 series you’ll only have to empty it once of a month or so if it’s used once or twice a week.

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