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Can A Robot Vacuum Cleaner Go Over Thresholds?

Yes! Most robot vacuum cleaners have no issue with going over smaller thresholds. The average threshold is 0.5 inches (1.27 cm) and the average robot vacuum can go over 0.7 inches (1.77 cm).

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Take for example the Neato D4 and D7, they have springs in the two rear wheels which it can use to crawl over the thresholds.

It’ll even continue to clean when going over the thresholds and take any loose dirt with it.

A curated list of maximum threshold heights for robot vacuum cleaners.

All iRobot Robot Roomba Models1.6 cm (0.62 inch)
All Neato Models1.9 cm (0.75 inch)
Eufy RobotVac1.6 cm (0.63 inch)
Eufy RobotVac1.5 cm (0.59 inch)
All Roborock Models2 cm (0.79 inch)
Samsung POWERbot1.3 cm (0.5 inch)
Ecovacs Deepbot Ozmo2 cm (0.78 inch)
Shark – ION1.9 cm (0.75 inch)

So as you can see in the table above, most robot vacuum cleaners really should have no trouble going over most thresholds and transitions to other rooms.

The models that are rumored to be the best in transitioning rooms and the Xiaomi Mi Roborock models, which have an excellent grip on different types of floor, carpet, wood, and stone.

The Shark – ION and Samsung POWERbot are getting some complaints about getting stuck on even small thresholds, so I’m not sure they live up to their own claimed numbers.

How do I get my Roomba to go over the threshold?

The only way to get your Roomba to go over the threshold is if there is enough clearance under it. Roombas has 1.6 cm or 0.62 inches of space underneath. Most thresholds are below this height so it should be a problem. If this becomes an issue, the only thing to do is to make some kind of a ramp for it to go over.

A pro tip: if you just need half an inch or so, you could place a doormat which the Roomba easily will be able to drive itself onto, from here it might be able to get over it. But you’ll probably need a doormat on both sides. A bathroom rug might also be sufficient for the same purpose.

How do robot vacuums over the threshold?

Robot vacuums will easily go over thresholds that are lower than their clearance underneath them. In my experience, my Neato D4 has wheels that can lift the robot over smaller things like thresholds or ramps and never had any issues.

Can EUFY go over thresholds?

Most EUFYs robots will be able to go over thresholds because of their 1.5 cm – 1.6 cm clearance.

Do Roombas work on uneven floors?

Roombas work just fine on uneven floors. The only requirement is the clearance underneath that must be at least 1.6 cm for it to not get stuck.

Do Roombas get stuck on thresholds?

Roombas can easily get stuck on thresholds if they go over it on a wrong angle or if the threshold is a little bit too high. However, haven’t had many issues with this myself.

Can Roomba go over rugs?

Roombas can easily go over rugs and large carpets. Roombas are elevated 1.6 cm above the floor and most rugs are not that tall. The wheels will also do just fine on any rug.

Can I pick up my Roomba and move it to another room?

You can easily pick up your Roomba and move it to another room. But you might need to restart the cleaning job.

Does Roomba clean under the bed?

Roombas and any other robot vacuum can easily clean under your bed if there is enough headroom for it to go underneath. If you have too much stuff under your bed it might get stuck so be aware of that. Also for some robot vacuums that use camera lenses to move around, like the Roomba 900 series, it might be too dark under the bed for it to navigate properly. Make sure there is a little bit of light coming under your bed.

Can you lower the Roomba?

You cannot lower your Roomba robot vacuum, but I have another great tip for you that you can use if your Roomba tends to get stuck under things that just aren’t high enough.

Use a Robobumper, I’ve included a link down below. A Robobumper is exactly what the name applies, a bumper for your robot. You can use the bumper to increase the height of your Roomba or make sure it cannot get stuck on thresholds by decreasing the perceptual height.

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