48 Funny And Clever Names For Your Robot Lawn Mower

48 Funny And Clever Names For Your Robot Lawn Mower

Getting a robot in your home, whether it be a robot vacuum, a virtual assistant or a robot lawn mower, it’s a little like getting a new member to the family.

You’ll often interact with it, and with an ever-increasing intelligence in these robots, you’ll connect more and more with it. For this reason and maybe also for the fun of it too, it’ll be great to have a good name for your robot lawn mower.

Down below I’ve collected some funny and clever names for your robot mower.

List of name suggestions for your robot lawn mower:

  1. Sir Lawnsalot
  2. Robo Lawn
  3. Roberto
  4. Robo Max
  5. Pete
  6. Blade
  7. Weedy Gonzalas
  8. Grasshopper
  9. Super Lawn Mulcher
  10. Pokey Mow
  11. Spike
  12. Moby
  13. Mr Roboto
  14. RoboCrop
  15. Robbie the MowBot
  16. Croptimus Prime
  17. R2Mow2
  18. Cutty 
  19. Scrap
  20. Miles
  21. Groundskeeper Willie
  22. Greenie
  23. mowbi-lawn Kenobi
  24. Mowses
  25. Mr Mowbot
  26. MowLawna
  27. David Mowie
  28. President Mobama
  29. Mo’ lawn, mo’ problems!
  30. Vince Lawn
  31. Mow Sizlack
  32. Grass-ius Clay
  33. Lawn Burgundy
  34. i-lawn maiden
  35. Rick Mow-ranis
  36. Alanis Mow-sette
  37. Rover
  38. BeeLawn Musk
  39. The mowinato
  40. Mowhumad Ali
  41. Mow-dozer
  42. Mow-hawk
  43. Guacamowe
  44. Mobamba
  45. Short-Cut
  46. Quarantine Barber
  47. Lean Mean Lawn Machine
  48. Mowlenium falcon

Using the robot lawn mower name for Google Assistant and Alexa

Is it even possible to use your lawn mowers name with Google Assistant and Alexa? YES, it totally is. This is usually how you will communicate with your robot lawn mower. Either through its own app or through your virtual assistant like Alexa.

So let’s say you’ve named your robot mower RoboCrop, which I think is my favourite of the names above, you can easily tell your robot mower to start through Alexa or Google Assistant.

Are there any names I cannot name my robot lawn mower?

Not that I know of. You can name your robot lawn mower whatever you’d like to. But I would keep in mind to figure out something easy to remember like a good pun from your favorite movie, book or something similar.

A lot of people are actually also just giving their robot lawn mower a pet name, like what you would maybe call a dog or a cat. More and more people also name the robot lawn mower something more regular or something that used to be a cool name.

How to rename my robot lawn mower

Usually you’ll be given the option to name your robot lawn mower on initial installation. But that’s not always the case and even if you where given the option when installing it, it’ll be pretty good to know where to change it.

Frankly, there is a lot different models of robot lawn mowers out there and I cannot cover all of them. Some of the most popular ones doesn’t even have the option either.

A good way to see if you’ll even be able to directly change the name of your robot lawn mower is to look for features like “Voice command”, “Wifi”, “Amazon Alexa” and “Google Assistant”. If your robot lawn mower has one or more of these, chances are you’d be able to change the name.

Most often you’d have to do the following steps to change the name of your robot lawn mower:

  1. Download and open the native APP for your robot lawn mower on your phone.
  2. Somewhere you should see a list of the robots you have connected, either directly on the home screen or as a “devices” menu.
  3. Find “settings”, this also often just appears as a “gears” icon usually right beside the connected robot.
  4. Directly from here, you should see a pretty good indication of where to edit the name. Look for “Robot info” or “Edit robot name”, something like that.

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