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100+ Funny And Clever Names For Your Robot Lawn Mower

Robot mowers are a great way to save time and effort on lawn care. However, choosing the right name for your robot lawn mower can be a difficult task. In this article, we will provide you with a list of funny and clever names for your robot lawn mower, along with some tips on how to choose the perfect name.

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Down below I’ve collected some funny and clever names for your robot lawnmower. The list is ideal for pets and nicknames for your new family member.

The Importance of Naming Your Robot Lawn Mower

Naming your robot lawn mower is more than just a fun activity. It can help you easily identify and differentiate your mower from others, and also create a sense of attachment and personality for your machine. Moreover, it can become a conversation starter with your friends and family or even your neighbors.

The Best Funny names for your Robot Mower

  1. Lawn Vader – A play by the name of Darth Vader, a character from Star Wars.
  2. Grasshopper – A name that emphasizes the mower’s ability to jump over obstacles.
  3. Mowgli – A reference to the character from The Jungle Book, who was raised by animals.
  4. Lawn Ranger – A name inspired by the TV show, The Lone Ranger.
  5. Sod Slayer – A humorous name that highlights the mower’s powerful capabilities.

These are just a few examples of the many funny and clever names you can give your robot lawn mower. The key is to be creative and have fun with it.

List of name suggestions for your robot lawn mower

  1. Sir Lawnsalot
  2. Robo Lawn
  3. Roberto
  4. Robo Max
  5. Pete
  6. Blade
  7. Weedy Gonzalas
  8. Grasshopper
  9. Super Lawn Mulcher
  10. Pokey Mow
  11. Spike
  12. Moby
  13. Mr Roboto
  14. RoboCrop
  15. Robbie the MowBot
  16. Croptimus Prime
  17. R2Mow2
  18. Cutty 
  19. Scrap
  20. Miles
  21. Groundskeeper Willie
  22. Greenie
  23. mowbi-lawn Kenobi
  24. Geronimow
  25. Sodzilla
  26. Mr Mowjangles
  27. Prograsstinator
  28. Hedge Hog
  29. Lawn Ranger
  30. Garden Gangster
  31. Ace of Blades
  32. Blade
  33. Mowses
  34. Mowdacious
  35. Mowron
  36. Mowertician
  37. Blade Runner
  38. Busta-Blade
  39. Leaf Muncher
  40. Lean Mean Green Machine
  41. Weedeater
  42. Mowhammed Ali
  43. The Turfinator
  44. Speedweeder
  45. Mowana
  46. Forest Clump
  47. Mowfara
  48. Mowinator
  49. Mow-hawk
  50. Mr mow it all
  51. Mr Mowbot
  52. MowLawna
  53. David Mowie
  54. President Mowbama
  55. Mo’ lawn, mo’ problems!
  56. Vince Lawn
  57. Mow Sizlack
  58. Grass-ius Clay
  59. Lawn Burgundy
  60. i-lawn maiden
  61. Rick Mow-ranis
  62. Alanis Mow-sette
  63. Rover
  64. BeeLawn Musk
  65. The mowinato
  66. Mowhumad Ali
  67. Mow-dozer
  68. Mow-hawk
  69. Guacamowe
  70. Mobama
  71. Short-Cut
  72. Quarantine Barber
  73. Lean Mean Lawn Machine
  74. Mowlenium falcon
  75. Butter
  76. R2D2
  77. Alfred
  78. Cpt. Mower
  79. Toaster
  80. Cookie Monster
  81. Wall-e
  82. Roblox
  83. Murderbot
  84. Willy Mower
  85. Marilyn Monrobot
  86. Samuel L. Cutson
  87. Mowy McMowFace
  88. Sir Mowsalot
  89. Roundabout
  90. Ultron
  91. T-800
  92. Cmdr Data
  93. The Sentinel
  94. Robomow
  95. Mow-E
  96. Batman
  97. Robin (if you have a second mower, so Batman and Robin, third could be Alfred)

Robot mower garage name ideas

  1. Batcave
  2. Starship Enterprise
  3. USS Enterprise
  4. Bag End (Frodos Hobbit-hole)
  5. Mordor (Lotr)
  6. Bird Box
  7. Hogwarts
  8. Area 51
  9. Anvil (Castle from Elder Scrolls IV)
  10. Casterly Rock (GoT)
  11. Dragonstone (GoT)
  12. Winterfell (GoT)
  13. Isengard (Lotr)
  14. Minas Tirith (Lotr)
  15. Camelot
  16. Battlestar
  17. Babylon 5
  18. Elysium
  19. Deep Space Nine

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Name

When choosing a name for your robot lawn mower, consider the following tips:

  1. Personalize it – Choose a name that reflects your personality or interests.
  2. Keep it simple – A short and memorable name is easier to remember and share with others.
  3. Make it unique – Avoid generic names that are already used by many other people.
  4. Use puns – A clever pun can make your name both funny and memorable.
  5. Consider your audience – Choose a name that will resonate with your friends and family.

Using the robot lawn mower name for Google Assistant and Alexa

Is it even possible to use your lawnmower’s name with Google Assistant and Alexa? YES, it totally is. This is usually how you will communicate with your robot lawnmower. Either through its own app or your virtual assistant like Alexa.

So let’s say you’ve named your robot mower RoboCrop, which I think is my favorite of the names above, you can easily tell your robot mower to start through Alexa or Google Assistant.

Are there any names I cannot name my robot lawn mower?

Not that I know of. You can name your robot lawn mower whatever you’d like to. But I would keep in mind to figure out something easy to remember like a good pun from your favorite movie, book, or something similar.

A lot of people are actually also just giving their robot lawnmower a pet name, like what you would maybe call a dog or a cat. More and more people also name the robot lawnmower something more regular or something that used to be a cool name.

How to rename my robot lawn mower

Usually, you’ll be given the option to name your robot lawnmower on initial installation. But that’s not always the case and even if you were given the option when installing it, it’ll be pretty good to know where to change it.

Frankly, there are a lot of different models of robot lawnmowers out there and I cannot cover all of them. Some of the most popular ones don’t even have the option either.

A good way to see if you’ll even be able to directly change the name of your robot lawn mower is to look for features like “Voice command”, “Wifi”, “Amazon Alexa” and “Google Assistant”. If your robot lawnmower has one or more of these, chances are you’d be able to change the name.

Most often you’d have to do the following steps to change the name of your robot lawnmower:

  1. Download and open the native APP for your

    Why should I give my robot lawnmower a name?

    Giving your robot lawn mower a name can help you easily identify and differentiate it from other mowers. It can also create a sense of personality and attachment for your machine.

    What are some funny and clever names for my robot lawn mower?

    Some examples include Lawn Vader, Grasshopper, Mowgli, Lawn Ranger, and Sod Slayer. However, the key is to be creative and choose a name that reflects your personality and interests.

    How do I choose the perfect name for my robot lawn mower?

    Consider personalizing it, keeping it simple and unique, using puns, and considering your audience. For more tips, check out the article on “Funny and Clever Names for Your Robot Lawn Mower” by Living Smarter.

    Can I change my robot lawn mower’s name?

    es, you can change your robot lawn mower’s name at any time. It’s a fun and easy way to personalize your machine and make it more unique.

    Will giving my robot lawn mower a name affect its performance?

    No, giving your robot lawn mower a name will not affect its performance. It’s simply a fun way to add personality and character to your machine.


Naming your robot lawn mower is a fun and creative activity that can add personality and character to your machine. Whether you choose a funny or clever name, make sure it reflects your personality and interests. We hope our list of names and tips has inspired you to come up with the perfect name for your robot lawn mower.

Author: Morten Pradsgaard

As a tech enthusiast and creative individual, my blog Living Smarter offers tips on tech, name ideas, and gaming. I collaborate with companies and individuals to share expertise in various genres and platforms.

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