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Funny Names For Your iPhone and AirDrop

I remember getting my new iPhone 12 last December. What a great feeling. The airDrop was new to me because I’ve been using Android for over a decade. In the setup process of my new phone, I didn’t think much about the name, it just auto-filled “Morten’s iPhone”.

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A couple of weeks later I was using AirDrop to transfer some images to a friend and when I opened AirDrop it listed the name “Nokia 3310”, I thought that was a funny name to give an iPhone. Didn’t even knew you could change the name of your iPhone.

Immediately after seeing my friend’s iPhone name, I started brainstorming some names and browsing the internet for funny names. I’ve collected and curated some iPhone names for you down below to make the search for a good funny name a bit easier.

List of name suggestions for your iPhone and AirDrop:

  1. i-Ronman (Ironman/marvel reference)
  2. iKnow
  3. $999 (The price of your iPhone – pretty funny, cause expensive)
  4. iCheap (Just ironic)
  5. Vibrator
  6. My Notch Is Huge
  7. Scratch Magnet 2000
  8. Undercover iPad
  9. iPod v2
  10. T-800 (Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger)
  11. T-X (Again Terminator, maybe cool if you have an iPhone X)
  12. iBone
  13. Outdated
  14. iBrick
  15. iSpy
  16. iCharge (maybe if you have one of those you need to charge all the time)
  17. Lean Mean Tinder Machine
  18. Transfer to get a virus (Airdrop troll)
  19. Nokia 3310
  20. Anton (Guilfoyle’s server in Silicon Valley)
  21. 42
  22. The fly on the wall
  23. iPhone.exe
  24. Undercover Android
  25. Android but better
  26. Samsung 2.0
  27. Graphite, Pacific Blue, etc. (iPhone colour scheme)
  28. Enter device name here
  29. Pear (Great for when you ask your Google Home to pair to pear)
  30. Timewaster
  31. get name(); (Coding reference, could also be print name(); or similar)
  32. Nintendo 2.0
  33. Math.random().toString(36).substring(7); (JS reference, dev’s will understand)
  34. iPhone you
  35. Please save me
  36. Drop it like it’s hot (AirDrop)
  37. iBreak
  38. No Drop Zone
  39. Drop Zone
  40. iCandy
  41. Remote detonator
  42. The Titanic (To watch it sync)
  43. FBI Surveillance Van
  44. MiPhone
  45. iTrackyou
  46. Phoney McPhoneface
  47. Timewaster
  48. name.device
  49. Bananaphone
  50. Bat phone
  51. Chatterbox
  52. Touch to go bling

Why change my iPhone name?

Your iPhone name will show up several places a this could make some funny interactions.

For example, if you have a friend who is about to airdrop you some pictures and your iPhone is named “Airdrop to get a virus”, or if you ask someone or something to pair to your pear.

So naming your iPhone could just be a small thing to maybe make a smile a smile or two along the way. But it could also be to personalize or signal a deeper attachment to your smartphone. It is, after all, something you probably use many hours a day.

How do I change the name of my iPhone?

It’s very simple to change the name of your iPhone and you can do it as many times and as often you’d like. The steps are very similar to iPads and iPods.

  1. Firstly, go to settings > general and then choose about.
  2. Press/tap on the first line, which should be the current name of your iPhone.
  3. Then rename your iPhone to whatever you’d like and press “done”.

Do other gadgets use my iPhone name?

Your other gadgets which are connected to your iPhone will use the name of your iPhone. In some cases, this means you’ll have to reconnect these gadgets after you have changed the name, but most often than not these gadgets don’t actually use the name itself but either the iPhone Mac address or model id, which are unique identifiers for your phone.

In my case, I often use my Google Nest Audio’s Bluetooth to connect the iPhone. The command I use on the Nest is as following “Hey Google, pair with my iPhone”. Yes, I’ve called my iPhone “my iPhone”. 😉

Feel free to use it yourself. In my case, it’s a legendary name to use, because my daily living is so “smart home” centered. So I just want everything to react specifically to when I just say “connect” or “do something, to my iPhone”.

One great example of this is “Hey Google, call my SO from my iPhone”. It’ll instantly react and call my girlfriend from my iPhone via Bluetooth.

Rounding up

Hope you enjoyed some of the names, even though I got a little nerdy on some of them. Naming your iPhone in, certain ways, can in some scenarios be very beneficial, for example in my smart home scenario. It can definitely also bring up some smiles on your friends, family, or coworkers.

Play around with it and try several different names until you are happy with it, that is my advice. Thank you for reading.

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