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143 Funny and Cool Names for Discord

Discord is getting too famous every day because people are interested in playing unique games and connecting with others on any platform. By using this app, users are able to send texts, videos, photos, audio calls, video calls, and now even discord introduced a “Go-live streaming” option for the gamers too.

Because of many new features in just one single app, users are getting more interested and enjoying their time with this app. So, in this article, we’ll give you incredibly funny Discord names that you can use to make your ID looks a bit interesting.

Starting Your Discord Account

In case, if you are new to this platform and looking to start your Discord account, you just need to set the best username and key for your account and there you go. It’s done! But remember It is very important to be creative about your username so the users will remember you easily.

With a smart and funny username, you can easily stand out and your channel will grow more and more. The username will make a major impact and later on, people will remember your username instead of your name, that is the reason I’ve collected a lot of funny or cool usernames for your account.

Let’s have a look!

List of funny Discord names

  1. That Tickled
  2. Staby Stab
  3. My Cat Had Puppies
  4. Naked Gamer
  5. Flying Squirrel
  6. Meet My Snipe
  7. The Mass Nerderer
  8. Do Not Leave Me
  9. Philtrum
  10. Bitch lasagna
  11. Collective world
  12. Legend Life
  13. Conquestor
  14. Dusty Bawls
  15. Tweezers
  16. Babe Soy
  17. Ringony
  18. Habilton
  19. Cheek Boom
  20. Doofy
  21. Zero Deaths
  22. Better Than You
  23. Sold mom for RP
  24. Date Me
  25. Dusty Bawls
  26. Larry Queen
  27. Mr. Boomer
  28. Bad DSN
  29. I was a mistake
  30. Base tag
  31. Cherry Mary
  32. Mary Puppins
  33. Honey Bunny
  34. Ningga Boss
  35. Nope!
  36. Noaah
  37. Dream Seem
  38. Multiple Scorgasms
  39. Go Easy Pls
  40. Poor Timing
  41. Your Name Here
  42. Sniper Llama
  43. Shakey Aim
  44. I Got Shot
  45. Uncommon name
  46. Unfriend now
  47. Cute as ducks
  48. Google me now
  49. My name is in use
  50. I killed cupid
  51. Fresh out of the oven
  52. Raised by wolves
  53. An innocent child
  54. Sofa king cool
  55. Behind you
  56. My name is Desh
  57. Black knight
  58. How you doing
  59. Me for president
  60. Cowgirl up
  61. Dumbest man alive
  62. Not James bond
  63. Bros before hoes
  64. Real name hidden
  65. Anonymous mother of dragons
  66. Sleeping beauty
  67. Been there done that
  68. Oliver clothes off
  69. Monkey see
  70. Hello I’m creepy
  71. Prince charming
  72. I’m watching you
  73. Name not important
  74. I can see your pixels
  75. Unfinished sentenc
  76. A collection of cells
  77. All good names are gone
  78. Red monkey butt
  79. Master_chief
  81. Free hugz
  82. I’m a robot
  83. Tiger queen
  84. Tinfoil hat
  85. A distraction
  86. Def not an athelete
  87. Chin chillin
  88. One ton soup
  89. Love me knot
  90. Buzzed lightyear
  91. Bigfoot is real
  92. Avocadorable
  93. Harmless potato
  94. Drooling on you
  95. Not a good name
  96. Billies eyelash
  97. Born confused

Cool Discord names

  1. The Stranger
  2. Strangelove
  3. Pubg Lover
  4. Ironman
  5. The Espadas
  6. Mr. hulk
  7. Deadpool Shot
  8. Dream killer
  9. Pro Gamer
  10. Scratch
  11. Crusher
  12. Sentinel
  13. Freak
  14. Frost
  15. Gecko
  16. Pixel
  17. Poison
  18. Rocky
  19. Saturn
  20. Solaris
  21. Gee
  22. Ghost
  23. Diesel
  24. Speed
  25. Chili
  26. Coco
  27. Com
  28. Cook
  29. Corrupt
  30. Cosmo
  31. Cyber
  32. Dark
  33. Doctor
  34. Spike
  35. Dreads
  36. Subwoofer
  37. Frankenstein
  38. Vex
  39. Thunderbird
  40. Pro Headshot
  41. BRASH Thugs
  42. Ball Blaster
  43. Froggy
  44. Tornado
  45. General
  46. Troubleshoot

Changing Your Discord Name

Changing your Discord name is very simple, and there are only a couple of steps to follow:

  1. Login to the Discord application.
  2. Move the server to the left side.
  3. Tap on the region with the server’s name and that down arrow.
  4. There would be an option that says “Change Nickname”.
  5. Then type your name and click “save”.

You can likewise alter your name in any public chat by using /nick followed by the name you would like to set, then send it and your name will be changed.

Wrap Up

Discord nearly has more than 850 million active users every month as per resources, so if you are trying to create a cool profile on discord then you must have a unique or funny discord username.

It’s very important to make your profile unique to get noticed. I hope after reading this post, you’ll be able to find a perfect or hilarious discord name for your profile.

Just copy your favorite name out of the lists mentioned above and set it as your Discord username.

Author: Morten Pradsgaard

Morten has been working with technology, IoT, and electronics for over a decade. His passion for technology is reflected in this blog to give you relevant and correct information.