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177 Funny, Unique, and Cool Names for Among Us

Presently, “Among Us” is the most famous game on the web at this moment. Indeed, even many streamers are right now moving to Among Us. It would appear that this little game stood out enough to be noticed!

Among Us is a fun game. In this game, you need to discover the Impostors who are doing murders to dominate the match. If you and your mates failed to discover the imposters, you’ll lose. This is a multiplayer game, so you can enjoy it with your friends.

We all realize the game is funny and insane as it is. But there are more approaches to make this even crazier. One of those ways is to have a funny name.

If you are a gamer, you should know how significant it is to have the best, funny, and creative names. Keeping this in mind, we have made a huge list of funny names for Among Us gamers.

So, without wasting time, let’s get straight into it.

List of the best funny Among Us names

  1. Saw You
  2. I Lied
  3. White Vented
  4. Here Is The Imposter
  5. You Must Be Kidding
  6. Amonymous
  7. I Don’t Exist
  8. Not Funny
  9. Some Nerd
  10. Green Did It
  11. Sabotaged
  12. If You Can
  13. Go Home Red
  14. Don’t kill me
  15. I Am Not Dead
  16. Who Killed Me
  17. You’re Trapped
  18. Rogue Clown
  19. Prickly Voter
  20. RIP
  21. Space Monk
  22. knuckles
  23. I Became Covid
  24. Shawty
  25. Hairy Pop
  26. Vote Me
  27. Your Boi
  28. Your Mom or Your Dad
  29. Wasn’t Me
  30. Sloppy Killer
  31. I’m pasta
  32. Doing Task
  33. Bad Karma
  34. Retreat
  35. Disconnected
  36. Fedora
  37. Ice Queen
  38. Dr. Watson
  39. Dementor
  40. Cool beans
  41. Fake User
  42. Hurry Up
  43. Yourself
  44. Everyone
  45. Why Me
  46. Toast
  47. Heart Ticker
  48. Imposter Here
  49. Executioner
  50. Super Man
  51. Rocket man
  52. Hey you
  53. Fur Real
  54. Clueless
  55. You Sus
  56. White Friend
  57. Come Along
  58. Look Sharp
  59. Snap to It
  60. Distraction
  61. Cat lady
  62. Banana
  63. Global Risk
  64. Job Wrecker
  65. Walter White
  66. Skip
  67. Who
  68. IDK
  69. Trust Me
  70. Someone
  71. Santa
  72. This One
  73. No One
  74. Dear Fool
  75. The Doctor
  76. Idk who
  77. President
  78. Wait it’s you
  79. The Last of Sus
  80. Not me hehe

Unique Among Us Names

  1. Zero
  2. Bunny
  3. Rocket
  4. Cross
  5. Boomer
  6. I’m innocent
  7. Skip
  8. Yourself
  9. Yes it’s me
  10. Vote me
  11. I am the worker
  12. Kill seeker
  13. Bad vibes
  14. Con Man
  15. Sky Blue
  16. Limelight
  17. Goose
  18. Cheater
  19. Insider
  20. Under the C
  21. Bear brothers
  22. Silent
  23. Dead
  24. Change
  25. Not Blue
  26. Yes I’m funny
  27. Lock and load
  28. I’m the killer
  29. Online 24/7
  30. Hacker
  31. Retreat
  32. Exotic
  33. Kill me if you can
  34. Rocket man
  35. I’m batman
  36. I’m Angel

Cool Among Us Names

  1. Murderer
  2. I am the worker
  3. Kill seeker
  4. The Mafia
  5. Space Walker
  6. Dog Lover
  7. Run!
  8. Blue Vented
  9. Trust Me
  10. Skip
  11. Wow Such Empty
  12. Name taken
  13. Loyal Friend
  14. Blank Space
  15. Among You
  16. DeDSh0T
  17. Cheezus
  18. No Lie
  19. Don’t Run
  20. Red Sus
  21. Enough 4 Me
  22. Number1
  23. Bot2
  24. I am In Jail
  25. Fake User
  26. Among Rejects
  27. Innocent
  28. Testing_24/7
  29. Thot Bot
  30. Crewmate 5
  31. I Voted
  32. Yellow Hater
  33. Crew Cheeks
  34. Sanitizer
  35. Clueless
  36. Space Ruler
  37. Shawty
  38. Simp
  39. Headhunter
  40. The Skeldor
  41. Dead Among Us
  42. Alien Cutie Pie
  43. In Between
  44. Imposter Here
  45. The Chosen1
  46. I’ll get you
  47. You Carry It
  48. I Didn’t Go
  49. Dummy
  50. Suspect
  51. Pedo
  52. The Pins
  53. Faker
  54. The Police
  55. Spiegel
  56. Shut up
  57. Mute
  58. Slow Death
  59. Pro Gamer
  60. Cloud
  61. Potato

Setting Your Name in Among Us

Setting up your name in Among Us is very easy. Start your game and tap on “Online”. At the top will, you’ll see a box that’s available for you to enter your name. Keep in mind, your name should be 10 letters or numbers long-only, so make sure to use the space wisely.

Wrap Up

Among us is a cell phone game which is going famous everywhere. Even every streamer is doing live streams while playing it on YouTube. Every one of the viewers enjoys watching this game and even play it with their family or friends. In this game, you should have a character’s name to make your profile stand out.

In case, you’ve never heard about this game and are hoping to have some fun, consider playing Among Us with your friends. The game allows you to have a good time and a lot of fun. Having funny Among Us names can be so exciting. Surely, you probably have laughed out while reading this article.

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Author: Morten Pradsgaard

Morten has been working with technology, IoT, and electronics for over a decade. His passion for technology is reflected in this blog to give you relevant and correct information.