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What is a smart security camera?

Smart security cameras can be connected to your internet through your home Wi-Fi. This implies that you can view the camera feed for 24 hours, receive notifications even when you’re out of your home, and you can record footage also.

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With the quick development in technology, it’s getting more reasonable to anticipate a future that’s surrounded by smart devices. From smartwatches to smartphones, now there are smart cameras also they can ease your burden & can find your preferred settings. These devices will give you confirmation that your house & your home appliances are protected from hackers or people with the wrong intent.

How do smart security cameras work?

Smart cameras are progressively turning into a household essential. More than taking pictures and recording videos, you can take a lot of benefits from their extra features like motion detection, face recognition, geofencing, communication, GPS, live footage, cloud storage, and much more just to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your smart camera security system.

A smart camera tracks the activities of your house and connects with your Wi-Fi network to send you the videos on your cell phone or can save them in cloud storage. You can associate it with an application that you can download anytime on your cell phone for free. This is the application through which you can see the pictures, footage, and monitor other activities of your home as well as alter the settings anytime.

Its installation process is very simple. Generally, these gadgets are plug-and-play, which implies that you can use them just after you’ve downloaded the application on your cell phone. Simply follow the directions given by your supplier. Obviously, it’s vital to put your smart cameras at strategic points of your home. By doing this way, you can ensure that there aren’t any easy spots that thieves can take benefit of.

What is the best camera for home security?

If you wish to get smart home compatibility and more smart features with your security camera system, Google Nest Cams are the best choice to make. However, all Google Nest Cams are quite beneficial. Not only do I recommend these, but many people do and you can even check other reviews to realize the worth of Google Nest Cams.


The Google Nest Cam Indoor is intended to keep an eye on the inside activities of your home and family especially when you’re busy & can’t watch out. Presently Nest Cam can utilize your cell phone’s location and even your family members’ phones to find out when you’re not at home. So, when everybody goes out of the house, Nest Cam will know automatically to turn itself on. With live streaming for 24 hours, clear night vision, motion, and sound notifications, Nest Cam will assist you in taking care of your home even when you’re outside.

Stream safely to your cell phone, laptop, or tablet in super-clear 1080p HD. Get a wide-angle view of the home, zoom in, and even increase visuality for a closer look. You can’t generally be viewing your video feed every time. So, the indoor Nest Cam searches for activity and sends notifications to your cell phone if it finds something. When there is any sound or motion, your indoor Nest Cam will send you a notification or an alert with a picture of what happened. When you turn off the lights, night vision LED sensors will allow you to view the room even at night.

Now, you can listen & talk with your Nest Cam as it has a speaker and mic. So, you can hear what’s sounding and communicate utilizing the Nest application on your cell phone. At the point, when somebody is going to speak Nest Cam will ring to be noticed.

Nest Aware (subscription sold separately) provides you continuous video recording for 24 hours so, you can return and view what you’ve missed. It can likewise utilize strong algorithms in the cloud to provide you with alerts or notifications. When you purchase Nest Cam, you can use Nest Aware for 30 days free. Nest Cam also works with numerous other products, from lighting to wearables. You can also connect it with other Nest devices.


Besides the part where you need to sort out how to deal with the power code, the Nest Cam Outdoor installation process is quite simple. When you sort out where you need to fix the camera, you simply secure the mounting plate to the wall by using the screws present in the box. The Nest incorporates some wall anchors as well, yet not a screwdriver or drill, you should have your own.

You can penetrate a hole through your outside wall and pass the wire through there, or string the wire through a door. I suggest drilling because then the wire won’t meddle with your door shutting, and you won’t get the mileage of shutting your door on the wire constantly.

When the camera’s up and connected, you have to download the Nest application and make an account. The application will request things like your email address or your location. When the process is completed, you simply need to scan the QR code of the camera, and you’re all set to catch your noisy neighbor.

The Google Nest application makes it simple to change the settings of your camera, see the live feed, and view the past footage. You can get emails, notifications, or alerts, for everything that’s happening or happened in your yard. You can set explicit action zones to watch out for the zones that are important for you.

A few cameras will give you activity zones in squares, and you can choose which ones are active. It’s tricky, and you may get more alerts than you need for one zone but insufficient for another.

Nest will allow you to make custom activity zones so, you can change precisely which areas you need to get more alerts about. You can even color code and mark the zones to get explicit alerts about each. It makes it a lot simpler to figure out your alerts and see which ones are significant.

The Nest Cam Outdoor is definitely a smart decision when it comes to investing in an outdoor security camera. The Nest Cam Outdoor records at 1080p and has 8x digital zoom. I consider that1080p is quite beneficial nowadays and you’ll capture more detailed, clear pictures with it.

What is the best home security camera system without a monthly fee?

If you want complete security of your home by using security cams and without paying the monthly fee then Nest IQ, Victure IP, Xiaomi Mi security cams will definitely be your best bet.

Nest IQ cameras

There is no uncertainty that the Nest Cam IQ is one of the most progressed surveillance cameras accessible. It has a ton of truly extraordinary features. It’s amazing and will find a way to fit into any home & can’t be noticed easily. The Google Nest Cam IQ is a little camera, which connects to the main socket, and watches out for all the activities of your home when you’re outside. It can make you aware of sound, can detect motion, and be planned to turn on or off at a given event.

Victure IP cameras

Victure IP Cams are not just encouraged you to ensure the security of your homes and pets yet, it also gives you and your family enough security. It’s outfitted with different functionalities and features, for example, two-way audio, night vision, motion detection, and much more.

Xiaomi Mi security camera

In case, you’re searching for an approach to ensure the security of your home by installing smart security cameras and don’t have any desire to spend a lot of cash then Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera is one of the best options to pick.

This camera permits you to record at a 130-degree wide angle. You’ll have the option to view each one of your recordings in Full HD quality so, you won’t lose the detail of all the activities that are going on in your home with complete clarity and detail. It likewise has a sensor to detect motion, something that will give you more prominent assurance. With 8-huge infrared lights, its night vision feature permits you to see even from a distance of 10m without mediating in your sleep.

Do smart Wi-Fi cameras use a lot of data?

It depends on four key points. However, some of the wireless security cams indeed use a lot of data, and some of them useless data. Four key points imply how much data a home security camera uses.

Camera Resolution

Resolution is related to the quality of the image. The higher resolution, the better the quality of the image. Likewise, the higher the resolution, the more data it will use. Normally, home security cameras don’t need that much high resolution to be successful. Good home security cameras have a resolution of around 1080p which is less effective than your iPhone or Android smartphone cams but it’s good enough to capture a quality image.

Frame Rate Per Second (FPS)

FPS is the frequency by which pictures (frames) are showed per second. The higher FPS means the more data it will use. The video needs more frames per second than a picture. That is the reason, I will recommend a camera that provides you with the option of viewing pictures rather than having a video to review every time.

Number of Cameras

Without a doubt, the more cameras you own, the more data will be used. Fortunately, a single camera can cover enough space (in contrast to sensors) so, you don’t need to buy a lot of cameras. Mostly, homes with a good internet connection can simply handle 2 to 4 cameras without putting more load on the internet.

Network Video Recorder (NVR)

NVR saves videos locally on a server from your cameras. In some cameras without an NVR, videos are consistently transferred to the cloud, which uses a lot of data even when you’re not watching your cameras.

But cameras with an NVR, the data will be used only when you decide to view footage of your cameras. This has a major effect. A few connections can support non-stop recording to the cloud.

Wireless cameras that are continually recording videos can simply use around 60GB of data every month. That is the reason, I will recommend a camera system that can only transfer the footage when there is motion.

Do smart security cameras work without the internet?

Yes, you can utilize security cameras without the internet. There are additional choices accessible for connecting your security system with cameras without an internet connection.

While the internet is the most well-known approach to have security cameras but it’s not the only option an individual can have the camera for peace and security. There are different kinds of security cameras, even those that can be hardwired into a home, fit for giving footage. The options for getting the camera and its recording may not be viable with a cell phone application, yet that doesn’t mean it can’t be accessed.

Are wireless security cameras better than wired?

Yes, absolutely. You need to do more work in installing a wired security camera than utilizing a wireless one. Also, you should have some tools in your home too for wired security camera installation.

In case, you’re not moving into a new property or not or not going to redesign your home, you need to get ready for handling those messy cables except if you fix them into the walls. And if you have more cameras, more Ethernet cables will be used. When you have the wired security cameras set up, they’re not as simple to move around, in contrast to the wireless cams.

Can I mix and match smart security cameras?

Yes, you can and there will be no comparability problems. But it will be tough to handle after a while. Here’s the reason:

Wi-Fi home security cameras are simply Wi-Fi IoT devices. IoT devices are the things you can associate with your cell phone. You can have many IoT devices from various manufacturers if you want. Then you will need to download multiple applications on your cell phone. You’ll never sort out which gadget did what. The purpose of a home security system is to combine all the gadgets into one cognizant system under one application, providing a quality picture of your entire home at the same time. If your security system doesn’t recognize a specific camera, that camera’s activity will be accessible, but from a different application.

NVR Vs. DVR – What’s the difference?

NVR (Network Video Recorder) implies Internet Surveillance, which is an association of IP Cameras. Essentially, every camera (or hub) in your network is associated with a digital network simply like your PC, tablet, or cell phone.

They’re associated with an Ethernet connection and a digital video signal will be broadcasted from an IP address. Much the same as your file server, these cameras can be gotten to and utilized from any place as far as you have a gadget that can interface with your network.

DVR (Digital Video Recorder) implies hardwired security. DVRs are dependable, reliable networks. Even though, technically a Digital Video Recorder utilizes simple cameras associated with a coaxial link (the pin-and-strung nut that transmits your TV cable signal or internet connection) with a central hub. This innovation has been around for quite a while. However, it can be utilized as the foundation of a quality security system today.

Are smart cameras safe?

Yes, you can consider your smart cameras as a safe option but you should not completely rely on these devices. Smart cameras are perceived as an incredible deterrent to criminals.

Peace of mind is one of the primary advantages of security cameras, regardless of whether you decide to install cameras that are wireless or wired. They can build your home security by letting you monitor your property at any place at any time, see a live feed of your home on a cell phone or tablet and get prompt notifications of any irregular activity. But still, you should not depend too much on them.

Can smart cameras be hacked?

Yes, they can be hacked. One way, surveillance cameras are powerless against hacks is through a procedure called “credential stuffing.” Hackers use passwords or usernames from different data breaches (that different programmers share on the web) to access accounts. Subsequent credential-stuffing, data breaches, and attacks won’t be disappearing at any point in the future, However, there are a few steps you can follow to lessen the risks your surveillance camera will be hacked:

Keep your camera’s firmware updated. Producers that are not kidding about ensuring their cameras’ security will regularly deliver firmware refreshes that fix programming bugs and fix security weaknesses.

Change your camera’s password once in a while. Always create different passwords for every account.

Set up two-factor verification if your camera offers it. This is an additional layer of security. You opt to have the camera association that provides you with a single-use password by an instant message, call, email, or via an application that you use notwithstanding your username and password when you sign in to your account.

Smart security cameras indoor vs outdoor surveillance

Indoor cameras should be little, more lightweight, and are generally less meddling than bulkier outdoor cams. Both indoor and outdoor cameras use smart features like infrared, taking clear images in dim lights and simple transitions when there is an abrupt change in light-changing naturally from color pictures in bright light to black & white when there’s darkness.

Outdoor security cameras are, as the term implies, situated outside. Subsequently, they’re commonly built to exceptionally elevated standards of durability and quality to withstand conditions and climates, for example, moisture, rain, snow, extreme cold and hot, even wind.  Outdoor cameras are additionally more vulnerable to being messed with. So, they are ordinarily made of more tough materials, similar to metal, and possibly heavier or even housed in the packaging to discourage easy removal.

What is the difference?

The essential differentiation among indoor and outside surveillance cameras is the sorts of outer factors every camera must have the option to withstand. While both types of cameras ordinarily come in with the same features and similar style. However, outdoor cameras should have the option to fight with a wide range of climate and differing light conditions.

Can you watch security cameras on a smart TV?

Yes, you can watch them on tv without any doubt. There are numerous approaches to watch your camera on a Smart TV.

For instance, if you have a DVR or NVR system, you should normally connect the recorder to the TV with a VGA cable or an HDMI and all the cameras will show after choosing the correct input source with your TV remote. Although to stream a single camera (without NVR) directly to the Smart TV it might get convoluted.

What are the benefits of using a smart security camera?

You can take a lot of benefits from your smart security camera but there are three key benefits you should know:

Keep checking your loved ones

Smart security cameras aren’t restricted to the assurance of a home, they can likewise permit you to monitor your children while you’re not at home.

In many cases, families with a lot of working guardians wind up in an issue when their kid escapes school in the break. With a smart camera security system, a parent can generally monitor their kids from work by utilizing the distant monitoring feature of the system.

Help the police

For situations like theft occurs, your expertly installed surveillance cameras will have saved the recording in top quality. Police can utilize these recordings and pictures to arrest the culprit, prevent other crimes in the future, and return your things.

Have insurance benefits

After a robbery, you can make an insurance claim because of defacing or burglary. This is the place where your top-notch security camera becomes possibly the most important factor. With the video proof, you can simply record the mishap and make your insurance claim valid. Also, can usually provide discounts on home security up to 20%

Smart security camera FAQ

What can a smart security camera do?

A smart security camera can do more than just keep your home surveillance 24/7. It can use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to give you precise alerts on what is happening. It can give you a live feed on your phone with custom alarms that’ll trigger based on your needs. It can store footage online for backups and ease of share with authorities.

Do smart security cameras record all the time?

Yes, security cameras record all the time. You can use a given interval for when they are allowed to record, but in my experience is make much more sense to just let them record all the time. It’ll delete footage after a given amount of time or when it runs out of space on its internal hard drive or the cloud storage.

Are smart security cameras Safe?

Smart security cameras are very safe, also compared to normal cameras. Smart security cameras are protected behind a cloud account from the manufacturer. Normal IP security cameras you can access with a simple IP address and typically they are not password protected.

Can smart wireless cameras work without Internet?

A smart camera does work without the internet, but it does lose a lot of its smart capabilities like storing security footage on your cloud account or making you able to see what is going on at a distance. However, it is comforting to know that it’ll keep recording even if your internet breaks down.

How do smart wireless cameras get power?

Smart cameras get power from a typical 120/240-volt outlet which is to be found in all typical households.

How far can a smart wireless security camera transmit?

A smart security camera can transmit as far as your WiFi reaches. A typical 2.4 GHz WiFi can reach 150 feet (46 meters) without any obstructions. An obstruction to your WiFi can be a thick dense wall or anything interfering like a microwave or similar. If you need a longer range you can consider a WiFi booster or extender to get even further distance on your WiFi.

Wrap up

Perhaps the best device in a home security system is the smart security camera. They are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, and they have a lot of smart features that can make selecting only one rather difficult. Installing your own home security tech, IP cameras or smart security cameras is easier than ever. You, at this point, don’t require reams of links, a bank of screens, or a big hard drive to save all the videos since everything can be set up in minutes and can be handled from your cell phone. These smart security cameras can ease your load & make it a lot easier to manage your home activities.


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