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100+ Funny And Clever Names For Your Hotspot SSID

So, what are some cool names for your Hotspot at home?
Through the years I’ve come across a lot of hilarious Hotspot and WiFi names. But coming up with something new and funny for a joke with your friend and family ain’t always easy. So I’ve made a list for you with some funny, clever, and cool names for your Hotspot.

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The list of funny names for your hotspot:

  1. Hottyspotted
  2. HotPot
  3. Hide Yo Kids Hide Yo WiFi
  4. Mom use this one
  5. 404 Network Unavailable
  6. One Does Not Simply Connect To WiFi
  7. Pretty Fly For A WiFi
  8. My neighbours suck
  9. Unprotected WiFi
  10. FBI Surveillance Van
  11. Click here to get Virus
  12. It Hurts When IP
  13. Hot Singles in Your Area
  14. Hot Signals in Your Area
  15. I F*cked Jenny (or whatever your neighbours’ wife is named)
  16. Rebellious Amish Family
  17. Free Comcast [neighbours address]
  18. This is not a WiFi
  19. Undercover Bluetooth
  20. This LAN is my LAN
  21. Wu-Tang LAN
  22. Malware.exe
  23. Lord Of The Pings
  24. McDonald’s Free WiFi
  25. Disconnected
  26. Loading…
  27. Low signal strength
  28. Unsecure
  29. Live Love Laugh
  30. Silence of the LAN
  31. LAN of the free
  32. NCIS surveillance van
  33. It burns when IP
  34. 8Hz WAN IP
  35. Tell My WiFi Love Her
  36. Connecto Patronum
  37. The Promised LAN
  38. Yell P*nis for password
  39. I’ve seen you naked
  40. Searching…
  41. You Kids Get Off My LAN
  42. Bill Why The Science Fi!
  43. We can hear you having sex
  44. Free Cex
  45. Protected Cex
  46. Unprotected Cex
  47. Your music is annoying
  48. 2 girls on 1 router
  49. Girls Gone Wireless
  50. I’m feeling a good connection
  51. Bill Clinternet
  52. LANSolo
  53. The LAN before time
  54. IP in the shower
  55. Winternet is coming
  56. WiFi not found
  57. Obi-LAN Kenobi
  58. I Believe Wi Can Fi
  59. BathroomSpyCam1
  60. Routers of Rohan
  61. Untrusted Network
  62. Martin Router King: I have a stream
  63. No Place I’d Router Be
  64. Dora The Internet Explorer
  65. Drop It like it’s hotspot
  66. Tyrian WLANnister
  67. Benjamin FrankLAN
  68. Ping’s Landing
  69. Starbucks free WiFi
  70. The Creep Next Door
  71. Winter Wonder LAN
  72. Abraham Linksys
  73. Linksys Lohan
  74. Theodore Routervelt
  75. John Clause WAN Damme
  76. Battle of the Bandwidth
  77. Ex WiFi
  78. Frodo Laggings
  79. I did your WiFi last night
  80. Spotty
  81. Not so hidden network
  82. Hotspot 42
  83. SFW
  84. NSFW
  85. Vladimir Routin
  86. Not so wireless
  87. Not a Hot Spot
  88. Jump on the Bandwidth
  89. A LANnister never forgets
  90. Ready to connect with you
  91. Knock 3 times for password
  92. Dialup modem
  93. Local Skynet
  94. Byte Me
  95. Got Milk?
  96. Bedroom CAM 3
  97. The Ping of the North
  98. Hotter than your mom
  99. Safe levels of radiation
  100. 5GHz cancer testing facility
  101. Join My Bandwith
  102. WiFried Chicken
  103. Net Neutral
  104. E=MC Square Dance
  105. Spam Click To Connect
  106. Basement Dweller
  107. Nearby Catchy Networks
  108. Happy WiFi Happy LiFi
  109. Too Hot For This Spot
  110. House LANnister
  111. Hotspot in range
  112. No Internet…
  113. 404 Hotspot missing
  114. Looking for hot singles in my area
  115. Unknown Device
  116. MySpace

How do I choose a good Hotspot name?

Usually, your hotspot or router comes with a default name/SSID. This name can be hard to remember and if you live in a high populated city your hotspot might be hard to look apart from the rest.

A good hotspot name is a name you can remember and a name which is distinct from other hotspots in your area. That is also why picking a funny name for your hotspot can be a great idea, because if something is funny it tends to be much easier to remember. And on top of that, it might give your neighbors, friends, and family a laugh.

5 sound advice when setting up the name for your hotspot:

  1. Pick a name that stands out from the rest and make it easily recognizable.
  2. Check if you have 5GHz WiFi on your hotspot and if you have band steering enabled. If you don’t you can have two WiFi’s on the same hotspot with two different names.
  3. Make sure your SSID (Hotspot name) is set to visible.
  4. Add separate networks to have an additional Hotspot name.
  5. If you have multiple Hotspots, extenders or repeaters you can give each their own name.

Two things to bear in mind when creating the name for your hotspot.

  1. Make sure the name is no more than 32 characters in length. The 32 characters include all numbers, symbols and spaces.
  2. The hotspot name is case sensitive, this means you can have two nearly identical names for your hotspot. For example, “Pretty Fly For A WiFi” and “pretty fly for a wifi”, will be seen as two different Wifis or Hotspots.

Author: Morten Pradsgaard

As a tech enthusiast and creative individual, my blog Living Smarter offers tips on tech, name ideas, and gaming. I collaborate with companies and individuals to share expertise in various genres and platforms.

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