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Why Are Robot Vacuums Round Or D-shaped?

The primary reason behind the round and d-shaped Robot vacuum design is its advantage over other counterparts when it comes to overall functionality, aesthetics, efficiency, and popularity.

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These designs enhance the ability of the robot vacuum to clean up dirt from complicated spaces with much more precision.

Robot vacuum cleaners have slowly turned into long-term companions for a lot of households over the years.

The easy availability of this modern, highly advanced technology has changed the way people manage their daily cleaning chores. 

But if you are familiar with robot vacuum cleaners, then you have already noticed that they are designed in many shapes, the most popular of them being D-shaped and Round-shaped ones.

So which one should you go for if you are looking for a new model buy? Here is all you need to know about the shapes of the robot vacuum cleaner so you get the most out of your cleaning experience.

What is the best shape for a robot vacuum, round or d-shape?

Robot vacuums are designed to work on their own and keep your house spotless. But due to the diversity in their design, you may wonder what is the best shape for a robot vacuum cleaner.

So without further ado, let us figure them out in sections to give you a better understanding of their advantages and drawbacks.

Getting stuck

The circular or round design has the advantage of easily finding access to tight spots and coming out of that spot with relative ease.

So if you think that your place has a lot of tight spaces that need attention from your robot vacuum cleaners for proper cleaning, then Round shaped cleaners are the way to go.

The D-shaped robot vacuum gets stuck more easily on various spots due to its angular design. Even though every robot cleaner comes with various sensors to handle this situation, in practice even the most advanced D-shaped cleaner is likely to get stuck.

Brush size

Brush size is a vital specification that must not be ignored under any circumstances while you make the purchase. The space that can be cleaned on go depends on the size of the brush. 

This is where D shaped robot vacuum has the upper hand over the round-shaped models. Due to the D shape design, the brush installed is wider, giving you a more efficient cleaning and vacuuming experience.

Unlike the D-shaped models, round-shaped units do not have a long brush on the flat edge. So take a few more rounds for the robot vacuum cleaner to clean all the surfaces.


For many users, aesthetic appeal is much more important than overall functionality. And if you are one of them then a round-shaped robot vacuum is the way to go.

The smooth curves of these units make them more appealing to the eyes. The round-shaped models look much more modern, sleek, and trendy.

But we have to mention that there is no such thing as perfection when it comes to Aesthetics. So if you like the design of the D-shaped variants, you can go for them too.

Cleaning efficiency 

When the first robot vacuum cleaners were starting to get available commercially, most of them had a round-shaped design.

But later on, the D-shaped design was implemented on the robot cleaners to ensure that the cleaner can reach as close as possible to the walls for efficient cleaning.

In the case of round models, the brushes are installed at the center of the unit. So they tend to face a lot of difficulties when dealing with dirt on the side of the wall.

But the D-shaped cleaners overcame this problem by installing the brush on the flat edge so they can get much closer to the side of the walls and collect dirt efficiently.


There are so many factors that can influence a buyer on which model to invest in. And we think that the shape of the robot cleaner should be one of them.

Most of the commercially available unit is round-shaped due to their various advantages and overwhelming popularity. But if you are someone who wants their robot to vacuum the reach tight corners and wall edges to get the most efficient cleaning experience, you can always opt for the D-shaped ones.

So now that you know there are about the round or d-shaped Robot vacuum cleaners, get the one that suits your needs.

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