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Is Robovac Worth It

Robovac is a relatively new player on the market. They first got introduced in early 2016 and have since risen greatly in popularity.

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Robovac is made by a company called Eufy who makes smart home appliances and home security.

As with many other brands like iRobot Roomba, Neato, and Roborock, Robovac has clearly placed itself as one of the larger and trusted brands in robot vacuum cleaning.

Robovac is definitely worth consideration when buying your next robot vacuum.

Robovac has 4 models:

RoboVac L70 Hybrid
RoboVac G30
RoboVac 12
RoboVac 11S
List of Eufy Robovac models

The models are separated into 3 different families; Bounce Series, Gyro Navigation Series, and Laser Navigation Series.

RoboVac Bounce Series, RoboVac 11S and 12

The RoboVac 11S and 12 are placed in their Bounce Series and are budget models. The RoboVac 11S goes for as little as $200 and the 12 for $260.

You shouldn’t let the prices fool you though, because they deliver great value for the money. They are slim, only 2.85 inches so they can go under most couches, beds, and radiators.

They hold up to 100 minutes of charge, which is plenty for any normal house or apartment.

Delivers pretty decent suction power of 1300Pa for the 11S and 1500 for the 12. One of the main qualities is how quiet they are when cleaning.

You can easily manage to watch television or have a conversation while it is cleaning.

The Robovac 11S and 12 can easily go over most thresholds as well, they are designed to go over at least 0.6 inches without trouble.

The Robovac 11S and 12 also come with all the nowadays standard features, such as self-docking and cliff/drop detection.

On top of that, it has a great triple filter system which is super easy to change.

Overall the Robovac 11S and 12 are really great for their price points. But they are put in their “Bounce Series” for a reason.

They use bouncing technology to navigate and control their movement, so they’ll pretty much stupidly drive forward until it bounces into something and then chooses a new direction.

It’ll keep doing this until the room is clean. The bouncing navigation can be okay in locations where you put it to only clean one large room.

But as soon as you need to it clean multiple rooms things get too complicated for it, it’ll almost be lucky if it reaches the other room and cleans it.

But if you just need your kitchen-dining area clean at all times, this robot vacuum will do just fine.

RoboVac Gyro Navigation Series, RoboVac G30

The RoboVac navigation series is their mid-tier or mid-range series. The Robotvac G30 goes for $349, which is a bit pricier than the bounce series but still not enough to be a premium model.

The Robovac G30 places itself very comfortably in the mid-tier robot vacuums together with iRobot Roomba 600 series.

With the Robovac G30 you’ll have all the benefits from 11S and 12, just better and even more.

It now has a 2000Pa suction power and much better navigation capability which can easily clean multiple rooms and return to base.

The battery is still around 100 minutes, maybe a little longer but it doesn’t matter because it cleans pretty fast and can easily take a couple of rooms before returning to the dock.

With the Robovac G30, you also get a full report of the cleaning, where you can see all the places it has cleaned.

It’ll deliver this report with a map after every job. This is a very practical thing because you can then see if it has missed some spots either because of blocking objects or just because of some error.

It’ll also give you friendly reminders about its current status if anything is blocking or in general help you through any problems that may occur. Not that the feature is only supported in English.

RoboVac Laser Navigation System, RoboVac L70 Hybrid

The RoboVac L70 is Eufy’s top-of-the-line robot vacuum. 2½ hours of runtime, iPath Laser Navigation, Artificial Intelligence, Real-time mapping, virtual boundaries, room setup, floor planning, multi-surface, 2200Pa suction power.

For a little as $499. On paper, the RoboVac L700 really looks to be a top-of-the-line, premium, luxurious robot vacuum with pretty much all technologies packed together into a single solid unit.

It’s actually quite incredible how much you’ll get from this robot vacuum compared to its relatively low price point.

Even compared to the other 3 models which are cheaper but still feel more expensive because of the absolutely crazy tech stack that this robot vacuum comes with.

If you got to compare this vacuum robot with another, I would compare it to an iRobot Roomba I7 or a Roomba 980, but frankly, this robot is cheaper with more capacity, more suction power, better control, and an app that is just as good with Google Home Assistant and Amazon Alexa Integration.

I think the only place the Roomba I7 and the Roomba 980 win is with hairs, Roomba has a patented rubber brush which is excellent for pet hairs because they are so easy to clean.

But really other than that, I think for its price the RoboVac L70 is probably one of the best on the market.


How long do RoboVac robot vacuums last?

Most mid-end to high-end robot vacuums last between 6 and 8 years. It depends much on how often you use it and what environment you are using it in. A carpet or stone floor will most likely wear the wheels more than a hardwood or laminate floor. The battery will most likely be the first thing to a fault and depending on the brand and model you’ll probably be able to buy another battery for it. The brushes can get weak with age and the brush hairs can fall off. If your robot vacuum stops working after 5-6 years, I would recommend that you consider buying a new one instead of finding replacement parts as these will be increasingly harder to obtain.

Are RoboVac robot vacuums noisy?

In general Robot vacuums are not noisy, they produce much less noise than normal vacuum cleaners. Robot vacuums don’t need as much suction power as they move slowly and thoroughly across the room, this reduces the amount of noise significantly because it’s the suction that produces the noise.

Can RoboVac robot vacuums do stairs?

Robovac robot vacuums cannot clean stairs as they neither can’t climb nor go downstairs.
Most RoboVacs have cliff detection so they won’t fall down your stairs and break.

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