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Nest Aware Features

One of the keys to opening probably the best features accessible on some Nest products is the subscription service, Nest Aware. In case you are finding what Nest Aware is and what it offers, you’ve come to the right place.

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At this moment, I would like you to know that there are no other security camera services that even come close to the picture quality, usability, and durability of Nest’s lead cameras.

Nest aware, the premium subscriptions bring more exciting and extra features. Some less expensive cameras don’t need any monthly subscription.

But I would inform you that you are missing a lot of value and some of the best features with those less expensive security cams.

Nest’s premium monthly subscription, Nest Aware, for its smart cameras, brings some extraordinary features just accessible on Nest Cams.

Nest Aware is Nest’s exceptional monthly subscription and Nest offers it for all of its smart cameras. Nest presented this top-notch plan with its unique indoor Nest Cam and has kept on offering it in their Nest Cam Outdoor, Nest Cam IQ, and even their Nest Hello doorbell video camera.

Nest Aware is intended to include more amazing features to your Nest Cam which are not accessible in a free plan. Let’s dig deeper into those features.

Person Detection

The magnificence of Nest Cams is their capability to differentiate people from objects. I have utilized other cameras too but they all failed with regards to identifying people.

You wouldn’t care when a shadow comes over your door but you do care when the Amazon guy appears with your long-awaited parcel. right? Features like this detection bring more compatibility to any of the viable cameras of Nest.

Familiar Face Recognition

One of the additionally astonishing features of Nest Aware only applies to the Nest Cam IQ, Nest Cam IQ Outdoor, and the Nest Hello.

This is the capability of the system to utilize the Nest’s cloud system to utilize artificial intelligence to recognize the familiar faces of individuals you have set it to remember.

This results in exact notifications which really reveal to you WHO is on camera. With Nest Hello this goes further by permitting the system to literally declare who is on camera by using your Google Nest and Google Nest Mini gadgets.

Audio Alerts

Utilizing a smart algorithm, Nest Aware alerts or notifications have gotten progressively precise. The new cameras can recognize the difference between the sounds that seem like a dog barking and people speaking.

You can also change the settings of the alerts according to your preferences. You can set different alerts for various cameras.

Regardless of whether the face isn’t visible clearly, Nest Aware is sufficiently brilliant to send you the Person Seen alert.

Activity Zones

One of the most valuable features offered by Nest Aware is the capability to create activity zones. This implies that you can add a limit around particular areas in the camera’s frame like the driveway.

When these activity zones are all set then you get specific notifications that allow you to know when a person or something enters these areas. I would say activity zones are an extremely important feature to put a limit on unnecessary alerts or notifications.

In the Nest Application, you can really set and organize activity zone notifications instead of informing you regarding all of the unnecessary movements.

Video History Recording

The best feature of Nest Aware is recording a full-motion video from your Nest Cam.

Without Nest Aware you can see your live feed on the Nest App, yet you are restricted to just view the snapshots of movement events.

Also, these previews are just available for a short time after they are recorded. But with Nest Aware they are accessible for 5 days, 10 days, or even for 30 days.

This implies that you can view any clip in your Nest Cam history inside this time range afterward.

Create and Share Video Clips

With Nest Aware you can likewise create and share video clips from your recorded video in the cloud which you can easily save on your PC or Google Drive for long-term storage.

So, when a robber comes inside your sweet home, you can be sure that you have the proof and can send that recording to cops.

Also, you can record funny incidents and can share them with your friends on social media.

Create Video Time Lapses

Also, you can make time lapses when you have a Nest Aware subscription, from the Nest desktop interface.

Time lapses can save as long as 24 hours of video into a 30, 60, or 120-second video.

So, you can observe each brushstroke of a detailed painting in almost no time, or view what happened during a birthday celebration shortly.

What are the benefits of a Nest Aware subscription?

Available at more reasonable prices

Rather than paying per camera, you can pay for all of your gadgets per home basis including your speakers, displays, and cameras.

You can handle all those for one low cost, even when you introduce another gadget in your home.

For just 6$ every month (or 60$ yearly), the new Nest Aware accompanies 30 days of event-based video history.

On the other hand, for those individuals who want to view every minute of video history, you can pick Nest Aware Plus for 60 days of event-based video history and 10 days of 24 hours video history for 12$ every month (or 120$ yearly).

Get important alerts

With the new Nest Aware, presently your gadgets will begin recording event videos when they find any movement or any sound and give you the alerts that you have to see what’s happening.

Especially, when something happens that needs your consideration like a parcel being delivered, they’ll send you an alert.

In case you like to have a continuous recording 24/7, let’s say on your outdoor camera during the night, you can get access to Nest Aware Plus.

Take good care of your family

In case your old parents or relatives has a Nest Hub Max, not only they would be able to keep in contact with friends and family through Duo video calling, however, you can likewise pay more attention to them with the Nest Aware subscription.

All they simply need to do is invite you as a home member and on the display or speakers, and you’ll get alerts if something needs your consideration.

View your home activities and rapidly connect to emergency services

Presently, your Nest displays and speakers will inform you if a strange sound is recognized, similar to a smoke detection or glass breaking, by sending a notification to the Nest Application.

From that point, you can hear a sound or listen live by using the Nest application to confirm the alert or notification, and the new Nest Aware gives you the choice to call the emergency services directly from the Nest Application.

Calling from your cell phone will immediately connect you to the center closest to your home. However, calling from the Nest Application will allow you to connect with the closest center to your home, regardless of where you are.

How do I choose the right Nest Aware subscription?

Consider a Nest Aware Plus subscription in case you need as long as 60 days of video history, or if you want to record any of the following:

  • Each and everything, regardless of whether something moves or not, and if something makes a sound or not.
  • Look out for the youngsters or little pets like squirrels, cats, or birds.
  • Individuals and items when they don’t move a lot, like individuals sitting and eating.
  • Zones with dark or changing lightning, like many outside areas.

But if you don’t have to record any of the above mentioned, and you just need 30 days of video history, the Nest Aware for events-based recordings may favor you just for these reasons:

  • Your camera monitors indoor activities or areas, and you just need to record grown-ups entering, leaving, and walking around the room.
  • You have a doorbell camera, and you just need to record the movement at your door.
  • Your camera monitors outside areas, and individuals are visible clearly in your camera’s field of view.

The nest is right now offering discounts when you buy their cameras with the Nest home security system.

You can save money when you buy both the Nest outdoor cam and the Nest Secure home security system.

You can select the package of the Nest Hello (which is a brilliant video doorbell) with the Nest Secure home security system to save cash also.

The nest is even offering a discount on its Nest Aware subscription for continuous video recording plans. You can save your money somewhere in the range of 10$ to 60$ per year by paying yearly for video recording and storage.

Final Words

Nest Aware features will give you every minute of 24/7 footage of what’s going on outside your home or anyplace your cameras are found.

Once set up, this service permits clients to look over their video history, which implies that you can move through your whole record, not only clips, like different items.

This permits you to know precisely what’s going on and when it happened. Nest Aware likewise permits clients to get alerts sent to their Nest Application at whatever point the associated Nest Cam catches any motion within its range, for example, an individual moving around at your door.

Nest Aware is viable with all Nest cameras like the Nest Cam IQ and Nest Hello.

Nest made different changes with its inventive Nest Cam devices & provides more amazing features for its users.

Now, these cameras can analyze everything so, you don’t pass up even the smallest of activities. While they are the best by themselves, however, it truly sparkles when matched with Nest Aware.

Nest Aware saves recordings, sends smart alerts, provides IQ face recognition, and video creation to additionally upgrades the Nest Cam.


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