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250+ Funny and Clever Names for League of Legends

League of Legends is a competitive and multiplayer online game. All players in LOL have different capabilities and they become stronger after earning gold or collecting bonus points. It’s a very tough game where just the team having smart techniques gets the benefit over others.

Other than having a great team in LOL, something else is additionally significant and that is a cool funny name getting everyone’s attention. Because your name is going to be your first impression. By seeing a usual boring name, the opponent will just consider you a very easy target. However, with an unusual or funny name, maybe they’ll consider attacking you a second time. 😉

League of Legends has a lot of players and thousands of names, making it hard to pick yours. But don’t worry, you’ll get inspired by checking these lists mentioned below.

Funny Name Ideas for League of Legends

  1. Crowned Clown
  2. Playing with Idiots
  3. Vulgar Intentions
  4. Dora Has Explored
  5. Mocking Beard
  6. Osama Bin Drifting
  7. Stinky Loser
  8. Pole Dancer
  9. Minions of No Intelligence
  10. What the Bread?
  11. Personality Plus Poros
  12. Simply Running Away
  13. Gromp’s Group
  14. Maybe Next Timers
  15. Fine Neckbeard
  16. Nega Drive
  17. Yellow Corset
  18. Bad Arcade
  19. Eat Grass
  20. Plumber Luigi
  21. Tou Nugrau
  22. Hot Laptop
  23. Unstable Society
  24. HighAF
  25. Out of The Womb
  26. Hook Artist
  27. Noobs Dotcom
  28. Parry Hotter
  29. Throwing the Crows
  30. Team of Neutral Monsters
  31. We See Ya!
  32. Counter-Productive Tactics
  33. Black Market Monsters
  34. No Unique Abilities
  35. Tea Time For D’Pengu
  36. Dezy Binder
  37. Ultra Mario
  38. Kimba Millica
  39. Mongo Boggie
  40. Hampus Mosh
  41. The Non-Epic Monsters
  42. Always in Game Mode
  43. Have Zero Health
  44. Seeking My Misplaced Organs
  45. Big Glock
  46. Jungle Junk
  47. Lazy Asoles
  48. Purrr Evil Cat
  49. Seductive Pickle
  50. Smash DatAssh
  51. Searching for Organs
  52. Ultimate Gaylords
  53. Dyslexic Brains
  54. Disparate Creatures Club
  55. Thrashing Additional Limbs
  56. Hipster Club
  57. The Wild Rift
  58. Legend
  59. Crazy Ass
  60. Monster Guy
  61. The Creepy Scorekeepers
  62. We’re Monstrous & Evil-Looking
  63. The Gloomtooth Group
  64. The Battle Torn Ruins
  65. Ranged Attack Blunders
  66. Brain Damage
  67. Mickey Gangster
  68. Keima Clothing
  69. Fortis Naite
  70. Professor Terranova
  71. NemCheira
  72. In Game Mode Queue
  73. Not Enough Wiggle Room
  74. No Items, No Experience
  75. Goofy Looking Abominations
  76. Spell Shield Squad
  77. The Turret Mechanics
  78. Monsters out of Patience
  79. Monster Brawls Brigade
  80. Lady Doom
  81. Look boy
  82. Burnt out
  83. Telecommunication
  84. Hacker Happy
  85. Flucker
  86. Mr. Nobody
  87. No Connection
  88. Guiltee
  89. Cyberbully
  90. Toxicator
  91. Skywalker
  92. Fail Error
  93. Computer-Controlled Champion
  94. Team Below Average
  95. Stomping Our Squishy Twigs
  96. Not Slaughtering Enemies
  97. Juicy Fruit
  98. Error 500
  99. My Gosh, My Golly
  100. Good Karma, Bad Karma
  101. Decreasingly Effective Debuffs
  102. Charged Up Minions
  103. Monsters on the Leash
  104. Cursed Forest Residents
  105. The Jungle Jungler
  106. The Angry Kitten
  107. Haha You Fell!
  108. Unstable Magical Being
  109. Sword Guy
  110. Deadlee
  111. Big Guy
  112. Adolf Victor
  113. Rockstar
  114. Super dude
  115. Hitler
  116. Spoiled Brat
  117. Annie Biotic
  118. Troll King
Funny Name Ideas for League of Legends

What are good names for League of Legends?

When it comes to naming your League of Legends character, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First and foremost, your name should be reflective of your personal brand. Are you a versatile player who can fill multiple roles? Consider a name like “Shady business” or “The Swiss Army Knife.” Or maybe you’re known for being particularly adept at taking down towers? In that case, something like “Tower demolisher” or “Castle crasher” might be more fitting. Of course, if you’re just looking for a funny name to make your teammates laugh, there are plenty of options available as well. Just a few of the funniest League of Legends names we’ve seen include “I feed on noobs,” “This is Banshee Queen,” and “Daddy Issues.” No matter what type of name you’re looking for, there’s sure to be something that fits your needs. So get creative, and have fun!

Cool Name Ideas for League of Legends

  1. The Unforgiven
  2. Daring Wanderers
  3. Rise of the Champions
  4. Children of Darkness
  5. The Defenders
  6. Goal to Destroy
  7. Stealth and Invisible
  8. Open Warfare Warriors
  9. Potential to Damage
  10. Rogue Assassins
  11. Magical Unicorns
  12. Fog of War Forces
  13. Damage Over Time
  14. All the Slain Monsters
  15. Nexus Siege Squad
  16. Revitalize the Aftershocks
  17. All According to Plan
  18. The Ice queens
  19. The Sword Dancers
  20. Mad Men
  21. Extra Damage Resistors
  22. Kiting Like Champions
  23. Activate Opponent Extinction
  24. Battling for Champion
  25. Shy Bombers
  26. Masters of Evil
  27. Grudge-bearing Hunters
  28. Magical Energy Matrix
  29. Twisted Treeline Team
  30. The Enemy Dominators
  31. Dawnbringers Squad
  32. Playing Solo
  33. Sad Priests.
  34. Wandering Souls
  35. Hearts of Vengeance
  36. The Chain Warden
  37. Masters of Death
  38. Shadow Fighters
  39. The Eternal Hunters
  40. Deadly Biters
  41. Crowd Control Catalysts
  42. Classic Fiddlesticks Crew
  43. Endlessly Victorious
  44. Zombie Ward Network
  45. The Sorcery Experts
  46. Prisoners of the League
  47. Counter Logic
  48. The Demon Remains
Cool Name Ideas for League of Legends

LoL Names – List of names for League of Legends

  1. Summoner of Sarcasm
  2. LOLinator
  3. Chuckle Champion
  4. Giggle Gangster
  5. Joke Juggernaut
  6. Laughing Lancer
  7. Chuckling Conjurer
  8. Humorous Hunter
  9. Amusing Assassin
  10. Comical Crusader
  11. Jestering Juggler
  12. Prankster Prince
  13. Jester’s Justice
  14. Satirical Sorcerer
  15. Witty Warrior
  16. Ridiculous Rogue
  17. Ironical Invoker
  18. Comically Crazy
  19. Hilarious Hexplorer
  20. Silly Summoner
  21. Amusing Archer
  22. Laughing Looter
  23. Chuckling Champion
  24. Giggling Guardian
  25. Joking Joker
  26. Humorous Hexer
  27. Comical Conjurer
  28. Ridiculous Ranger
  29. Ironical Inquisitor
  30. Satirical Saboteur
  31. Witty Witch
  32. Jestering Jester
  33. Prankster Paladin
  34. Jester’s Judge
  35. Amusing Assassin
  36. Laughing Legionnaire
  37. Chuckling Commander
  38. Giggling Guardian
  39. Joking Jinx
  40. Humorous Hunter
  41. Comical Crusader
  42. Ridiculous Rogue
  43. Ironical Invoker
  44. Satirical Sorcerer
  45. Witty Wizard
  46. Jestering Juggernaut
  47. Prankster Priest
  48. Jester’s Justice
  49. Amusing Archer
  50. Laughing Legend
  51. Chuckling Conjurer
  52. Giggle Gangster
  53. Joke Juggernaut
  54. Laughing Lancer
  55. Chuckling Conjurer
  56. Humorous Hunter
  57. Amusing Assassin
  58. Comical Crusader
  59. Laughing Looter
  60. Chuckling Champion

What should my Summoner name be?

Before you decide on a Summoner name, there are a few things you should take into account. First, what sort of impression do you want to make? Are you looking to be taken seriously as a competitor, or are you just in it for the fun? If you’re going for a serious name, something that reflects your competitive spirit is always a good choice. But if you’re just looking to have some fun with friends, then anything goes! Just pick something that you think is cool, or that represents your favorite champion. And don’t worry too much about it – after all, you can always change your name later if you decide you want something different. So go out there and choose a name that suits you, and get ready to dominate the Rift!

Here are a few more ideas for your summoner name:

ButtStallion69: This name is sure to get a rise out of your opponents. It’s crude, it’s lewd, and it’s sure to give them a good laugh – right before you decimate them in battle.

SirNapsALot: A play on the infamousNapoleon Dynamite, this name is guaranteed to make your opponents smile – right before they fall asleep from boredom while trying to beat you.

Bobo the Clown: Everyone loves a good clown, but nobody wants to fight one. This name will put a smile on your face and make your enemies run in terror.

These are just a few funny name ideas that will help you dominate the competition in League of Legends. So choose wisely, and may the best Summoner win!

Clever Name Ideas for League of Legends

  1. Gonna Be a Blast
  2. Red Brambleback Smiters
  3. The Aurelion Sol League
  4. The Charmers
  5. The Starry-Eyed Goddesses
  6. Charged Up Champions
  7. The Undead Knights
  8. The Prime Twitchers
  9. In the River Sprite
  10. The Star Children
  11. Team Solare
  12. Iron Chefs of LoL
  13. Automatically Locked On
  14. In the 2020 Galaxy
  15. The Blooming Witches
  16. Bounty Blademen
  17. The Curious Reapers
  18. Rise Of The Fallen
  19. Unbreakable Bond
  20. Objectives, Rules, & Maps
  21. The Trinity Force & Fusion
  22. Sugar Rush Ranks
  23. The Hunters Machete Crowd
  24. Team Orion
  25. Grounded Silences
  26. I’ve Earned the Win
  27. Army of Dead
  28. The Missing Priests
  29. Return of The Legends
  30. Cold-hearted Warriors
  31. Catch Us If You Can!
  32. Into the Arena
  33. Passing Our Judgement
  34. Castle Emporers
  35. Black Army
  36. Increasing in Strength
  37. All Random Champions
  38. Six and a Trinket
  39. With Absolute Focus
  40. The Rune Warriors
  41. Potentially Extraordinary Minds
  42. Press the Attack
  43. At the Murder Bridge
Clever Name Ideas for League of Legends

What is a good team name for League of Legends (LOL)

When it comes to naming a League of Legends team, the sky is the limit. However, there are a few guidelines that can help to make the process a bit easier. First, try to avoid using any profanity or offensive language. Second, keep it short and sweet- long names are often difficult to remember and can be frustrating for other players. Third, try to be creative- a good team name should be memorable and distinctive. With these guidelines in mind, here are a few ideas for League of Legends team names:

The Whyte Widdas- A play on the phrase “white widows,” this name is perfect for an all-female team.

The Underdogs- A great name for any team that is just starting out or that is regularly underestimated by opponents.

The Elites- A simple but effective name that conveys confidence and competitiveness.

The Noobs- A cheeky name for a team of beginner players. Alternatively, this could also be the perfect name for a group of friends who are just starting to play together.

Do League of Legends (LoL) names expire?

League of Legends does not have an expiration on names, but there are certain rules that players must follow when choosing a name. However, the Summoner name can decay and become available to others if you are inactive for an extended amount of time.

The name should not be offensive, include personal information, or impersonate another player. If a player chooses a name that breaks these rules, they may be asked to change it by the game’s support team. Additionally, if a player hasn’t logged in to their account for an extended period of time, the name might be freed up to be used by other players.

About League of Legends (LOL)

League of Legends (LOL) is one of the world’s most famous video games. It is developed by Riot Games. It includes a team-based game mode (competitive) that involves different techniques and outplaying opponents.

Players work as a team to defeat their enemy before the enemy team could defeat them. League of Legends is a tough and challenging game that incorporates both fast-paced gameplay and high-level techniques. Skilled players of LOL know exactly how to beat the rival team while using all the tactics to lead their team to victory.

Steps to Change Name in League of Legends (LOL)

  • Sign in to your LOL account.
  • Tap on the Store icon and look for the Account tab.
  • Buy the “Summoner Name Change service” that costs you either 1,300 RP or 13,900 Blue Essence.

There are a few conditions which you need to follow if you need some other name and these are:

  • The name must not incorporate the words ‘Riot in it.
  • Names should be smaller than 16 characters and longer than 3 characters.
  • The name must not contain any personal data by which you can be identified.
  • Naming yourself as an E-sports professional isn’t acceptable at all and you’ll immediately get instructed to change your name.

In case you follow these rules and set a new name, you can return and continue enjoying your experience on Summoner’s Rift.

Can I change my League of Legends (LOL) name for free?

Usually, it costs money to change your username in League of Legends. However, in some scenarios, you can get a free name change.

If there is nothing wrong with your in-game name, i.e. it follows all their guidelines you’ll not be able to get a free name change. But if it somehow applies to older rules or somehow it ended up the same as your account name, they do allow a free name change for security reasons. To request a free name change, you need to get in contact with Riot support through their support page.

How much does name change costs in League of Legends

A name change in League of Legends costs 1300 RP (Riot Points). RP is the in-game currency that you can buy in the store in-game. 1300 RP will cost you €10 or $10-$12.

Wrap Up

The facts confirm that the craft of making amusing and cool LOL names ought to never pass on. The game gets thrilling and interesting when there is a battle or war between players who have incredible names. That is the reason for creating lists of extraordinary or hilarious name ideas that will assist you in making your gaming experience fun and memorable.

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