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The Voyager Token: A Blockchain Solution for Travelers Worldwide

The Voyager Token: A Blockchain Solution for Travelers Worldwide

The travel industry is one that is consistently growing and evolving. There are new companies popping up every day, all with unique ideas on how to make traveling easier and more accessible for the average person.

The competition in this space is fierce, but there’s still plenty of opportunity for savvy entrepreneurs. In terms of spending, the global travel market has reached an impressive $1 trillion annually.

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That’s a lot of potential revenue for new businesses looking to take a slice of that pie. But with so many options out there, how can you stand out from the pack? With so many different services offered by competing travel companies, it makes sense to create your own token in order to offer something special or exclusive to your customers.

Read on to learn more about the Voyager token and how it can help you launch your venture!

What is the Voyager Token?

The Voyager token (VGR) is a digital asset that serves as a unit of exchange on the Voyager platform. Tokens can be bought, sold, or traded by anyone with access to a digital wallet.

Voyager tokens are ERC-20 compliant, meaning they are built on the Ethereum network and can be stored in any wallet with token support. Voyager tokens will first be issued as a security token through a SAFT agreement and then be converted to a utility token once the platform is up and running.

VGR tokens are created by a company known as the Voyager Company. The company behind the token is an innovative new travel tech company based in Los Angeles.

Why Create a Token?

Tokens give travelers an opportunity to earn rewards, or “cash back,” every time they book travel. It’s a great way for businesses to give back to their customers, which is likely to inspire loyalty and encourage repeat trips.

Tokens can also be used to purchase products, services, or even other tokens. With so many different businesses offering tokens, travelers will have a wide variety of options. Voyager tokens are built on the Ethereum network and use blockchain technology.

This is essential for enabling frictionless, decentralized travel booking with the ability to exchange tokens for real-world currency.

There are a few reasons that make Voyager tokens unique in the travel space. The first is that tokens can be earned by booking travel. The second is that tokens can be used to buy travel.

What Can a Token Do for Travelers?

  • Earn tokens: You can earn tokens by booking travel. This incentivizes travelers to book with Voyager and is a great way to increase bookings.
  • Buy tokens: You can buy tokens with fiat currency or other tokens. This enables travelers to purchase travel with tokens rather than just earn them.
  • Exchange tokens for real-world currency: You can exchange your tokens for real money at any time. This provides security for token holders and a liquidity option for token holders.
  • Use tokens to buy products or services: You can use tokens to buy products and services from certain partners on the Voyager platform.
  • Trade tokens on exchanges: You can buy and sell tokens on exchanges. This enables investors to buy tokens and wait for them to increase in value.

How Does the Voyager Platform Work?

The Voyager platform allows travelers to earn tokens while booking their trips and purchasing travel with tokens. To book travel, users create a Voyager account and enter their travel details.

The platform then connects them with a network of partners where they can book flights, hotels, or any other travel-related service. After booking their trip, travelers receive tokens for their booking. Tokens can be used to purchase products or services from partners, traded for other tokens, or exchanged for real money.

The Voyager platform is powered by smart contracts, making traveling with tokens as secure as booking with a credit card.

The Biggest Issue with Travelers and Travelling

Travelers have to choose between security and convenience. By using a credit card, travelers can earn miles and rewards, but they might have to deal with an increased risk of fraud.

By using crypto, travelers can protect themselves from fraud, but they don’t earn anything for booking travel. Voyager tokens are designed to solve this problem.

Tokens are earned by booking travel, but they can be used to purchase travel or exchanged for real-world currency. Travelers can use Voyager tokens to purchase travel products and services, such as hotels, car rentals, or even tours or attractions.


Voyager tokens are blockchain-based digital assets that can be used to buy, sell, or exchange travel. Tokens can be earned by booking travel or purchased with fiat currency.

Token holders can also earn cashback by booking travel through the Voyager platform. Tokens can also be used to purchase travel products and services, or exchanged for real money.

Voyager tokens solve the problem of earning rewards while booking travel and help ensure a fraud-free experience with decentralized technology.

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