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What is Stray? – The Most Innovative, Addictive Game of 2018

Stray is a game unlike any other. It’s an experiment in minimalism, user experience, and innovation with the principles of all great games; simple rules, dynamic gameplay, and constant challenge.

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It plays like a cross between Pac-Man, Minesweeper, and sight-based puzzles. Sounds pretty weird right? Think again!

There are no tutorials or handholding here: you learn as you play and discover new strategies as you go along. Each game takes only 10 minutes making it the perfect way to kill time waiting for your friends at the bar or on a commute.

But don’t let its simplicity fool you – Stray will test your puzzle-solving capabilities like no other game before.

The Basics: How to Play Stray

First, you must solve a puzzle to unlock the level. You can do this either randomly or by solving a Sudoku puzzle. Then you must complete the level.

There are three types of levels, the first is exploring a maze to find the exit, and collecting coins along the way. The second is solving a hidden object puzzle.

The third is collecting a set of colored orbs without getting hit by the enemies. Then you move on to the next level and repeat!

What makes Stray so innovative?

Stray was built from the ground up to be an innovative, minimalist game. The developers wanted the game to have a clean look, with the core game mechanics being the only items on the screen. To achieve this, the team came up with a new idea for how everything worked.

Stray uses a special map with a grid to create levels, which allowed the developers to make levels that would be very complex with lots of twists and turns while keeping them easy to navigate on the screen.

Stray also uses a unique style of sound design, with the music, SFX, and other sounds only being played when the player is near them. This method of sound design makes the game feel much quieter and more peaceful, which fits perfectly with the minimalist art style.

Gameplay and Strategies

Stray is a puzzle game at its core, but its mechanics are anything but typical. Think of it as Pac-Man meets Minesweeper meets PUBG – but in a puzzle game.

Stray is a silent game – there is no music, no ticking clock, no countdown. It is a game that focuses on the purest form of gameplay: puzzle solving.

Stray’s core gameplay is simple: explore a map to find a key and unlock the exit. Along the way, you must avoid and outsmart the dreaded ‘Stray’, a black blob that appears at random and chases you. If you get caught by the Stray, you die and have to start the level again.

TL;DR Conclusion

Stray is an innovative, minimalist puzzle game that focuses on pure gameplay. It is a game like no other and is a great way to kill some time while waiting for your friends at the bar. Stray is addictive, challenging, and offers something new to players.

Author: Morten Pradsgaard

As a tech enthusiast and creative individual, my blog Living Smarter offers tips on tech, name ideas, and gaming. I collaborate with companies and individuals to share expertise in various genres and platforms.

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