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How To Replace A Roomba Battery

How To Replace A Roomba Battery

It is obvious that you are already interested to know about the Roomba and its advantages over the competition when it comes to smart home automation. This is why you are here. You are probably curious about how you can replace the Roomba battery in order to extend its lifespan or extend its use. Here are some helpful tips for you:

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How To Replace Roomba Battery

Before starting, remember to unplug the power from your robot. On the left side of the Roomba, there is a black rubber bottom cover called the “wing”. It is attached to the base unit through screws. On the right side, there is a plastic tab with three screws that need to be unscrewed. After that, remove the rubber bottom cover and the plastic tab on the right side of the robot.

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Now it’s time to remove the old battery. On the lower left side of your Roomba, there is a plastic flap with two screws that need to be removed. Take note that before you start removing it, you need to turn the Roomba upside down. On the lower right side of your robot, there is a screw with a white arrow that needs to be turned. When you have completely removed the old battery, be careful when it comes to plugging it back into the electric outlet.

When it comes to the step of plugging the new battery in, you should take your time. It is advised that you replace the battery using the same type of charger as the old one used by your robot. When it comes to cleaning, there is another important tip. Never ever force the button of the battery when it is still a new one. Always leave it for some time and try pushing it gently. If you have somehow managed to push it when it’s a little fresh, then most probably it is not good enough and you will end up damaging it.

To protect the new battery, you should always keep the new one fully charged. This will prevent overcharging which will reduce its efficiency and eventually shorten its lifespan. For proper battery maintenance, you should also make sure that you charge it regularly. As a rule of thumb, you should charge your Roomba for no less than four hours at a time. Always remember to do this regularly, and don’t forget to charge the device completely before you go to bed.

On the Roomba base, you will find three screws that connect the base to the motor. These are often visible since they are placed on the bottom cover of your robot. To remove them, simply unscrew all three and lift them out. Before removing them, use a replacement screwdriver so that you don’t damage the base. After removing these three screws, place your new battery on the bottom cover, align it with the holes on the base, and screw it down.

Next, locate the outlet on the bottom of your robot vacuum. This is where your new battery will be installed. Most often, batteries are not sold separately, but you can purchase them separately if you choose to. Find the outlet, plug in the battery, and replace it. The process is the same as putting the old batteries back in your old vacuum cleaner.

When everything is reinstalled, turn your Roomba back on. Check for any remaining dust or anything else that could cause some sort of damage during the battery maintenance. You can now start enjoying all of your travels without the fear of your machine breaking down again. For optimal performance, you should also perform some regular cleaning and maintenance routines. This will ensure that your Roomba stays running smoothly and safely for years to come.

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