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Funny and Unique Customer Service Team Names

List of funny and unique customer service and call team names

  1. Ring ring bananaphone
  2. Call squad
  3. The C team
  4. S for service
  5. Lightning Callers
  6. Calls United
  7. Callsmen
  8. Call medics
  9. The Screen Team
  10. The SME Team (Subject Matter Experts)
  11. You Call We Help
  12. Service Operators
  13. Human Lab
  14. Problem crushers
  15. Service Agents
  16. Fleet operators
  17. Commanders
  18. The actual decision makers
  19. Call of fame
  20. Hung up
  21. Creepy callers
  22. The big call theory
  23. Random service deployers
  24. Call Zone
  25. Service legends
  26. League of callers
  27. Cubicle Trolls
  28. Sure We’ll Hold
  29. The Redirected
  30. Rapid solvers
  31. Call-E-Nators
  32. Call loop
  33. The Wizards
  34. Desk Peckers
  35. Call Us Maybe
  36. Fort Support
  37. Answer Genies
  38. Game of Phones
  39. Call Center of Duty
  40. CS:GO (Call Service GO)
  41. Worst Case Scenario
  42. TKO (Technical Knockout)
  43. Tech Repo
  44. Mixup Fixup
  45. First Responders
  46. Shot Callers
  47. The CallShank Redemption
  48. The Callfather
  49. The Call of the rings
  50. The Call of the rings: The return of the service
  51. Callception
  52. Seven Supporters

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