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Exploring the World of Cryptocurrency: Neomoon Coins

Exploring the World of Cryptocurrency: Neomoon Coins

In today’s world, it is not surprising to hear about a new fintech or cryptocurrency company. New businesses are popping up every day, leaving consumers wondering which ones they should be watching. In the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency, new companies and ideas are emerging constantly.

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While many new coins are coming to the market that focuses on mining or features like privacy or smart contracts, one coin stands out above the others. Neomoon is a brand new coin with a focus on making cryptocurrency accessible to everyday users.

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Its mission is to build software that makes managing your digital currency as easy as checking your balance on your bank app. With so many different choices available in the crypto space, it can be challenging to decide which one you want to invest in and support with your time and money.

Learn more about this innovative company and why their unique approach may help them become successful when so many other cryptocurrencies struggle to gain traction…

What is Neomoon?

Neomoon stands for “New Era of Money.” They are a cryptocurrency company that is focused on making digital currencies accessible to the mainstream.

Its mission is to create software that makes managing your digital currency as easy as checking your balance on your bank app. Neomoon’s goal is to help bring cryptocurrency mainstream through its product offerings.

Their main product is a wallet called MyEtherWallet (MEW) that makes it easy for people to store and manage their crypto assets. They are also in the process of building crypto exchange. The exchange will be easy to use and offer a variety of coin-to-coin trading pairs.

The range of coin pairs is expected to include major coins like BTC, ETH, and LTC as well as lesser-known coins like PIVX and ZEN. Additionally, Neomoon will offer a debit card that allows users to make purchases with their crypto assets easily.

Why Is Neomoon Different?

Neomoon is focused on “retail investors” who are new to cryptocurrency. They believe that many of the current cryptocurrency companies are focused on serving big institutional investors.

While those companies are necessary for the crypto space, Neomoon wants to serve the “Average Joe” investor who may have heard about cryptocurrency but isn’t sure where to start. They believe that their products will help those people understand and use cryptocurrency.

How Will Neomoon Change Cryptocurrency?

There are many ways that Neomoon could change the cryptocurrency space. They have plans to create an exchange that is accessible to everyone, not just institutional investors. Their goal is to create an exchange that is easy to use, even for beginners.

They also plan to create a debit card, which will allow users to access their crypto holdings easily. Having a debit card that easily allows you to spend your crypto assets is a huge benefit that has not been offered by any other company to date. These two products will make it easier than ever to use cryptocurrency in everyday life.

Another way that Neomoon could change cryptocurrency is through its use of MEW (MyEtherWallet). MEW is an open-source wallet that allows people to store their crypto assets in a digital wallet.

While there are other wallets out there, MEW has a dedicated following and is a tried-and-true product. Neomoon hopes to continue to build on MEW and make it into a fully featured digital wallet that makes it easy for newbies to get started and use cryptocurrency.

The NM Coin ICO: What You Need to Know

Neomoon’s ICO is currently in progress. They have set a goal of raising $20 million through their ICO. This money will be used to develop and launch their full suite of products. The first part of their plan is to launch their exchange in Q1 of 2019.

They plan to launch their full wallet with debit card functionality in Q2 of 2019. The timing of their ICO is interesting, as it occurs during a time when other cryptocurrency ICOs are struggling to find investors and raise funds.

One reason that Neomoon may be successful is that they already have experience in the crypto space. Before launching Neomoon, the team was behind a company called Coin Port, which was the largest digital currency exchange in Korea.

They have experience building and operating an exchange, which may help them avoid some of the growing pains experienced by newer cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance.


Neomoon is a company that has its sights set on making crypto accessible to the mainstream. Their wallet, exchange, and debit card are all designed to make it easy for users to manage and use their digital currency.

Their goal is to help bring crypto mainstream, and they may be well-positioned to do just that. Now that you have learned about this new company, you may want to consider investing in their ICO.

And, who knows, you may even decide that their products are so useful for managing crypto assets that you will recommend them to your friends and family members who also use crypto!

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