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Maintenance Costs of Having An Electric Car

Electric cars, EVs, or Plug-in electric vehicles are both safe and convenient to maintain just like conventional cars. At the initial level for proper maintenance, you may end up giving so much to your mechanic while maintaining the EV. Most of the time it is not necessary for any mechanic to repair it at your location so you need to take it back to the service station. It is easy to replace the non-working parts in an electric car as compared to a vehicle loaded with multiple parts in its internal combustion engine.

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With smaller and lighter parts, EV motors can be carried with the support of a single persona only. This EV vehicle doesn’t require you to change the fuel, replace the spark plug, change filers, etc. Along with this thing, they don’t even have the exhaust system, catalytic converter, muffler, fuel injector, etc. EV’s are reliable, require less maintenance.

What if the battery starts to wear out?

How often do we need to change our battery pack?

Unlike conventional vehicles, EV’s has the simple working principle of storing the electricity in the battery pack of the car. This stored electricity will drive the car into motion and can be able to power the EV’s motor. You need to rely on your battery for the best performance and need regular charring.  But the array of power cells attached to the hood of your car starts losing its ability to withhold the charge on day to day basis. The longer the period of your electric car the shorter the driving ranges of your car. You will not see any changes at sudden but the batteries will fade away in the coming years.

Most of the time manufacturers claim that EV batteries with a run time of 100,000 miles or 8 years are still in good range if you are regularly maintaining it. Different manufactures have different results but the optimum results show that replacing only the optional cells of your battery instead of replacing the entire battery can be beneficial & doesn’t require you to go on high maintenance.

Battery packs are the costliest parts in every electric car so to avoid heavy load on your pocket expenses with other safety & reliability problems so it’s better to replace or install the battery pack once every 3-4 years.

How expensive are the batteries?

A typical battery pack for a good company electric car can cost you around $12-15k but sometimes the battery replacement might cost you more than a brand new electric car after a few years of your purchase. For better maintenance of your batteries, you need to charge them in the range of 80-90% rather than leaving your EV for charging up to 100%

The EV batteries may become less efficient than conventional motor vehicles over the period but it doesn’t mean you need daily maintenance for the batteries as sometimes it can last up to 8 years. Your battery will start degrading more quickly if you charge it up to the full 100% capacity and the same thing is applied to keeping it at 0%. With long driving, you can apply the concept of 100% charging but for regularly driving it, you should avoid this.

Basic maintenance of an electric car


With regenerating braking systems, the electric vehicle is making use of motor resistance for slowing down the car and then sending the energy back to the batteries. On the other hand, when you realize your foot from the accelerator or hit the brake, your EV’s electric motor acts as the generator to generate the power which was sent back to the car’s battery life earlier. You don’t need something extraordinary to maintain the brakes and typically take 150,000-200,000 miles for the replacement.


The tires are something that requires regular maintenance with good air pressure to ensure that your tires are well aligned & properly balanced. If you found any replacement regarding the tires of your EV then make sure to select the tires which are specifically designed for the electric tires. The tires should be durable & quieter as compared to the tires used by traditional vehicles.

Fluids and other things

Typically they require less fuel maintenance than gas-powered vehicles. Here the EV’s generally requires coolant for proper thermal management. Apart from that, you need to keep an eye on EV’s windshield washer fuel, brake fuel, fewer fluids, etc. for keeping your vehicle up to date from time to time.

Will electric cars require more maintenance?

The driving conations and other habits may impact the vehicle operation but with best practices, you can easily maintain your car. Both types of cars have little maintenance associated with them, but electric cars are less demanding, simpler & convenient to maintain.

Author: Morten Pradsgaard

Morten has been working with technology, IoT, and electronics for over a decade. His passion for technology is reflected in this blog to give you relevant and correct information.