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Ceramic Coating For Electric Cars

Every electric car has a paint-like normal gasoline car. So even though there are other huge benefits to electric cars, you’ll still have to take care of the paint job on your car.

This means protecting and cleaning it with waxes and sealants or even give it a protective film, or as I’ll explain in this article; a ceramic coating.

What is a ceramic coating

Ceramic coating is a long-term protective option for your car. You can think is it as a semi-permanent wax or sealant. A car’s paint is made up of several layers; a metal/body layer, a primer layer, a base coat, and a clear coat layer.

The ceramic coating is sitting on top of the clear coat layer, which is the layer that makes the paint shine and glossy. A ceramic coding can last several years instead of approximately 6 weeks for a wax.

Depending on the brand of ceramic coating you chose, some are sold as DIY kits and some are sold as professional installments only. There are several reasons for this, here are some.

  1. Taking proper safety precautions. It’s much easier to control and maintain proper safety in a controlled professional environment. You’ll need glasses, gloves and a respirator.
  2. Though the process is very straightforward and seems like something anyone with a set of hands could do, it is just as easy to mess up.
  3. Preparing the paint surface and making sure proper correction is done before applying the ceramic coating. The surface has to be perfectly clean to get a good result.
  4. Things like humidity and temperature affects the coating greatly and can make it harder to dry properly without leaving any visual flaws.

If the ceramic coating is applied correctly it should end up with a very smooth and even surface.

You’ll quickly be able to see if the process has failed because it’ll leave small grain-like spots all over and the sad part is, you’ll probably not be able to get totally rid of it again.

Ceramic coating is very tough to get off your car when it is first applied. In some extreme cases, the paint has to be wet sanded.

Why you should get a ceramic coating for your electric car

  1. It makes washing your car significantly easier and therefore maintaining your car much less time-consuming. If you happen to chose to use an automatic car wash, the paint will also deal with it much better.
  2. No more waxing. You will not have to wax your car and in fact, it’s not even a good idea to wax your car because some waxes have solvents like acetone which can degrade the surface of the ceramic coating.
  3. It’ll provide a basic protective shield to the paint

Why you shouldn’t get a ceramic coating for your electric car

  1. Definitely not cheap. A ceramic coating of your car can be very expensive compared to other options. Though there is DIY options I wouldn’t recommend you doing it yourself, get a professional to do it even though it’s more expensive.
  2. It’s not a magic shield that’ll make your car resistant to scratches and dirt. You still have to wash it and you still have to take care of any scratches and stone chips.
  3. It it isn’t done perfectly you’ll could end up having dirt and scratches permanently on the paint.

Conclusion: is a ceramic coating a good idea for your electric car?

Yes, it absolutely is a good idea. But you just have to keep in mind what the product actually delivers and of course the price, so a ceramic coating will not be for everyone.

I actually have decided not to get a ceramic coating because I’m leasing my car and therefore it’s rather expensive when I’ll not even be owning it in a couple of years. I think you have to consider that, if you are going to sell or otherwise get rid of your car in the next 3 years, don’t get it.

If you don’t care about a crazy beautiful finish and your car is just an object to get you from A-B, which is fine, don’t get it.

Your car can actually do without a ceramic coating, there are other ways of taking proper care of it, like keeping the wax good and thick.

But if you have the money, care just a little about how it looks and stands out, and you are going to have to for a good long period, then yes get a ceramic coating as soon as possible, it’ll have great value.

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Author: Morten Pradsgaard

Morten has been working with technology, IoT, and electronics for over a decade. His passion for technology is reflected in this blog to give you relevant and correct information.