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All Tesla (Models 3, S, and X) Hidden Easter Eggs

With every major update, Tesla is including new easter eggs in their system. Easter eggs are just funny little things or add-ons to make something cool.

The list below is all the easter eggs found so far (Aug. 2020). Have fun trying them out!


Have a little fun with some arcade games while your Tesla is charging. You can now set your car in park mode and access games through the app launcher.

Most of the games you actually play with the steering wheel or the buttons on the steering wheel. For some games you still need another USB controller to play.

List of games you can now play on Tesla Arcade:

“Super Breakout”






“Missile Command”


“Lunar Lander”


“Beach Buggy Racing 2”


“Fallout Shelter”






Santa Mode

Tesla has a Santa Mode, which you can enable why doing a voice command saying “Ho Ho Ho”. It’ll then make your car into a sled, make the roads all ice, and jingle with bells when you use the turn signal. It’ll also play a nice Christmas song.


Rainbow Road


Pulling the cruise stalk towards you four or five times in a row quickly while Autosteer is enabled, will make a Rainbow Road.


Show your inner Picasso with artistic paintings or compositions. You can even publish your work afterward. Get the Sketchpad by triple tapping the Tesla “T” icon in the top center of the touchscreen.


If you press the Tesla “T” icon and hold it for a bit a popup will appear. In the popup type the access code “mars”. Now your car has turned into a mars rover driven on the Martian surface.


Do the same as you did with Mars. Just this time when the popup appears type in “007”. After you’ve done this go to Touch Controls > Suspension. You’ll see that your car has changed into a submersible car.

Ludicrous Speed

Press and hold the Ludicrous setting (Controls > Driving > Acceleration > Ludicrous) for approximately five seconds. Touch Yes, bring it on! if you
want to go fast.

To display power and acceleration readings on the instrument panel, press either scroll button briefly until the available options are displayed. Then, roll the scroll button to highlight Readout then press the scroll button again.

The answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything.

Try and rename your car to 42 and after that go to watch the name of your Tesla.

Rainbow Charge Port

When you’ve put your Tesla charger into the charging slot and the car has started charging. You can push the top button 10 times and the LED around the charger will start glowing in rainbow colors.

Romance Mode

Romance Mode will make a virtual fireplace and make the car real cozy.
Put your car in Park mode and access the Romance Mode from the Easter Egg tray.

Emissions Testing Mode

Access Emissions Testing Mode from your Easter Egg tray and be ready to prank the pack seats with some real serious emissions!


TRAX will let you become a DJ in your own car. While you have it in Park mode you can choose many different types of instruments and sounds to create hit songs for the passengers. You’ll find TRAX in your Easter Egg tray.

Author: Morten Pradsgaard

Morten has been working with technology, IoT, and electronics for over a decade. His passion for technology is reflected in this blog to give you relevant and correct information.