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A Minimalist’s Guide to Organizing Your iPhone

You want to live as stress-free as possible. The last thing you want is to roll out of bed in the morning, look at your phone and see a ton of notifications you missed overnight. It’s overwhelming. You want to live authentically and efficiently. From getting a minimalist-style phone case to look the part to actually organizing all of your apps, read on to learn how to organize your iPhone and channel your inner minimalist for maximum simplicity.

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  1. Organize All Your Apps — Start organizing apps on your phone in a way that will be easy for you to find what you need. If you use the same phone for both work and personal use, keep apps that you use just for work in one group and apps that are for personal use in other groups. If you prefer a more aesthetic look for your apps, try organizing your apps by color. Your phone will have a neat, rainbow look to it with all the red apps in one group, orange apps in another and so forth.
  2. Look the Part — You don’t need a loud and flashy phone case with all those lights and bedazzled gemstones on it. Get simple, solid color iPhone 13 cases or ones with a laidback pattern for that minimalist look. You may get bored of just having one phone case, so don’t be afraid to get another one that’s more exciting to change it up every now and then. Plus, if your one phone case gets dirty, you’ll need another one handy to keep your phone protected while you’re busy cleaning the other case. Before you switch out your phone case, learn how to take off a phone case without damaging your phone or case.
  3. Mute Unimportant Notifications — You don’t need to know what’s going on with everyone in your friend group or that coworker you decided to follow on Instagram every time they go live. There are certain apps you’ll want time-sensitive notifications from, like the Uber Eats person coming to drop off your lunch. There are other apps that you don’t need to hear from in the middle of your workday, like news notifications that you won’t even bother to read.

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  1. Stay Focused — Stay focused by setting up Focus mode on your iPhone. Simply go to Settings and select Focus. There are different Focus modes available for different needs, such as Personal, Work and Sleep. If you’re driving, you can use the Driving Focus mode to decide which people, if any, you want to receive notifications from. If you want to receive calls but not texts when you’re driving, for example, you can set that up with Focus mode.
  2. Know Your Personality — The same way you know what kind of phone case you want based on your personality and style, it’s important to know this for how you’ll be organizing your iPhone, too. If you love working out and don’t want to be bothered when you’re on the treadmill, create a fitness Focus mode to turn on before you go to your next workout class. If you have a specific time you carve out for administrative tasks at work, you can set a Focus mode just for that to only receive specific notifications such as from your work calendar or work email. Love reading on your phone, but don’t want your mom calling you when you’re trying to read that romance novel? Set up a reading Focus mode to enjoy listening to that audiobook in peace.
  3. Consider the Occasion — Different moments require different needs. When you’re on a first date, you don’t want to keep getting distracted from texts from your BFF asking how the match is going. You do want to receive emergency phone calls from your loved ones. Going on a run while you’re also attending that Webex conference call? Set up your phone so that you can listen in on the meeting and not get interrupted by a random spam call asking about your car’s warranty.
  4. The Other Apple Devices — While these are handy tips to keep in mind to organize your iPhone, you’ll also want to keep the same minimalist practices across your other devices like an Apple Watch or iPad. Organize your apps on your iPad in a helpful or aesthetically pleasing way. Reduce any unwanted notifications on Apple Watch. To streamline how you want or don’t want to be bothered, share your Focus settings across all your Apple devices.

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  1. Less Mess, Less Stress — It’s time to seriously consider a minimalist approach when it comes to your iPhone. Consider taking advantage of the mindfulness feature on iOS to remind yourself to take a deep breath and close your eyes for just a few minutes. According to Psychology Today, mess causes stress since clutter bombards us with excessive stimuli and makes it more difficult to relax. Reduce your anxiety and become more productive by streamlining the way you operate your phone every day. You already spend so much time on your phone. Make it easier on yourself by finding what you need on your phone as quickly and easily as possible, and say goodbye to too many pesky notifications.

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